BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 10

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 9:

Rat Pack 12 v Vipers 9 – Match Stats

A matching fitting of a top of the table clash with 124 tons and 4 x 180’s. Rat Pack jumped to a 7-2 lead after winning 5 of the first round of singles only for the Vipers win 5 of the next 6 to make it 8-7 to the Rat Pack. Vipers then went 9-8 up only for Rat Pack to peg back to 10-9 up. With the game in the balance with 3rd legs playing in both singles Aaron and Horse simultaneously pegged out to make it 12-9. Horse with 16 tons and a 180, Richard with a 105 peg, Aaron a 110 peg and the bloody legend Justin King with 12 tons, a 180 and 4 wins. Glen hit a 180 in his 15 tons for the Vipers and new signing Joe smashed 14 tons and 3 wins but the player of the match for me was Dorro with his 180 and consistent darts threw out of his skin and could very easily have won the match for his team.

Dragons 13 v Imports 8 – Match Stats

It was a very tight match early at the end of the first round of singles the score was 5-4 in the Imports favour. JR had just won the first leg of his singles and then came a Mark Edge masterclass Back to back 16 dart legs including a 180 literally changed the momentum of the game with the Dragons winning all 6 singles in the second round to set up the win. Ciaran and Edgar were dominant also with 4 wins a piece and a 17 darter from Edgar. For the Imports Shane and JR threw 11 tons a piece but it was Ken and Ashley doing the hard yards with 3 wins each.

Outlaws 21 v Ex Pats 0

Second forfeit from the Ex Pats, I sincerely hope they can recover from this.

Two Darts 12 v Scorpions 9 – Match Stats

The old rivalry renewed and a top game of darts with Two Darts jumping to an early 6-3 lead and that proved to be enough. Pat was back to his best with 16 tons including a 14 darter. Blags was also solid with 11 tons including a 106 peg and Walshy made a cameo with 3 wins and a 180 also. For the Scorpions a bit of sun and surf did Scotty the world of good as he blitzed all in front of him with 4 wins and 12 tons including a 100 finish.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 10:

Jockys 13 v Devils 8 – Match Stats

The Jockys bolted out of the gates to lead 7-2 and that proved too much for the Devils. Ian was in sparkling form winning all his games and hitting 6 tons including four 140’s. For the Devils who were missing Steve, everyone dug deep and contributed with Christian edging the ton race with 4.

Slashers 11 v Raptors 10 – Match Stats

What a cracker of a game this was with 73 tons thrown either side would be competitive in A grade on the darts thrown. Raptors jumped to a 3-0 lead but the Slashers pegged them back winning 4 singles in the next 2 rounds of singles with Andrew Bruce closing out the match with his 3rd won including 9 tons. Carlos and James couldn’t be separated with 3 wins and 9 tons also. For the Raptors Liam smashed out 12 tons and won 3 games and they will be fired up for the Cannons this week.

Cannons 13 v Javelins 8 – Match Stats

Full strength teams for both sides and a cracking match. Javelins led 5-4 early but won only one of the next round of singles and couldn’t claw back. Marty with 4 wins, Arthur won 3 himself and hit 8 tons with Craig hitting his first 180 of the year. For the Javelins the old silver fox Hughie was in scintilating form with 4 wins, Bryan hit 10 tons with Pete hitting a 180 and a 106 peg. The win sends the Cannons to the top of the ladder as they face off against the Raptors this week.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 10:

Arrows 9 v Tri-Hards 6 – Match Stats

The original local derby was a very close match with the Arrows leading 5-4 into the last round of singles with Denise and Dave sealing victory. Dave led from the front with 3 wins and as many tons with Renita chiming on with a 78 peg in her two wins. Marty for the Tri-Hards won all his matches and Vickii once again led the ton count with 3.

Wanderers 9 v Gremlins 6 – Match Stats

The Wanderers fresh from their first win charged to a 5-0 lead against a 5-player Gremlins outfit. Tim and Dave won all their matches with Elyse getting her first two wins of the season also, YAY !! For the Gremlins the standout highlight was Christian Proctor hitting his first 180 ever. That’s the second player in 2 weeks to do that so glad to see the competition standard improving.

Motley Crew 12v Nek Minit 3 – Match Stats

Apparently it was a top of the table clash but no-one told the MC. A team of mostly new players the Motley Crew are almost certain to promote into B grade next season. Ross with 8 tons now sits behind team mate Sam and opponents Archie on the MVP ladder. Consistent darts from Nek Minit once again but it wasn’t their night so the Wanderers may well cop the return to form this week.