BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 11

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 10:

Rat Pack 14 v Outlaws 7 – Match Stats

Up against a 5 player Outlaws outfit it was perhaps not as a dominant display as you would expect from the table topping Rat Pack. Bilbo kicked off the night with a 180 in his 10 tons and didn’t drop a leg in his singles with Horse hitting 13 tons and a 17 darter darter and Aaron a 110 peg. For the Outlaws it was the soon to be 21 year old Joshie Williams with 3 win, 7 tons including a 102 peg and a 17 darter.

Two Darts 11 v Dragons 10 – Match Stats

Nothing short of a classic match between the two Chermside teams. Neck and neck all the way with Alex securing the win to complete a good night for him with a 180, 18 darter and 108 peg. Tony and Pat also hit high pegs of 110 and 132 respectively with the bionic man, Rick Plimmer, winning 4 games. For the Dragons it was Martin “Banz” Bansey justifying his rep call-up with 13 tons, a 180 and 3 singles wins.

Imports 13 v Ex Pats 8 – Match Stats

Another equally impressive from a team a man down with the Ex Pats playing very well in their loss to Imports. JR and Ash with 4 wins a piece led the way for the Imports with JR hitting 15 tons. Tristan was on a mission with 13 tons including 7 x 140’s. Stewy also on fire with 3 wins, 9 tons and an 18 darter

Scorpions 13 v Vipers 8 – Match Stats

Scorpions back to their best to hand their Vipers their 3rd loss of the season. Brian “The Machine” Mountney with 16 tons including a 180, a 13 and an 18 dart game. Scotty also impressive with 3 singles wins, a 180 and an 18 darter. For the Vipers it was Frosty firing up for rep this Saturday with 3 wins and an 18 darter with Pas very consistent with 11 tons.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 11:

Jockys 12 v Slashers 9 – Match Stats

The Jockys continue their good form of late with an impressive win over the in-form Slashers. Ian with 4 wins and Ben with 6 tons and 3 wins led the way. For the Slashers Andrew notched 4 wins with James smashing out 8 tons including a 115 peg.

Raptors 14 v Cannons 7- Match Stats

In the top of the table battle the Raptors pulled 2 points clear with a solid win over the Cannons. Don hit another 180 but it was Nicky that led the charge with 8 tons and 4 wins (good luck in PNG). For the Cannons it was Marty again the trump card with 5 tons and 3 wins.

Javelins18 v Devils 3 – Match Stats

Everything but the score would suggest this was a close game with most matches going to 3 legs. Big night from Pete with 3 singles wins and a 110 peg in his 5 tons. For the Devils it was the standard ton count for Steve with 6 but a really unlucky night for the Devils.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 11:

Motley Crew 13 v Arrows 2 – Match Stats

No quarter shown again from the MC with another dominant display. Ross won the ton count with 5 with everyone else posting 3. For the Arrows some joy from Dom with 2 tons and 2 wins but a tough night at the office for the Arrows.

Gremlins 13 v Tri-Hards 2 – Match Stats

The score doesn’t really reflect the closeness of the match with the Tri-Hards winning the ton count 11-8. Terry led from the front for the Gremlins with 3 wins and 3 tons. Strong night for Dave from the Tri-Hards with 4 tons but it was the ladies, Lyn and Gila who took out the singles wins.

Nek Minit 13 v Wanderers 2 – Match Stats

Another lop-sided result to finish the round. Lots of tons from the Morehu’s with Dylan edging out the older lads with 5. Good to see a few more Wanderers back on deck with Lance the only one to win a singles.