BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 13

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 12:

Scorpions 18 v Ex Pats 3 – Match Stats

Another stellar performance from the Scorpions although the score doesnt reflect the true nature of the match. Scotty with 17 tons a 15 and 18 dart game. Hilly with a 180 and two 18 dart games and Grant with a 180. For the Ex Pats pretty solid across the board also with Tristan continuing his good darts with 8 tons and an 18 darter.

Imports 12 v Outlaws 9 – Match Stats

The Outlaws threw everything at the Imports but the visitors from the eastern islands were too good. Shane won all his matches and hit 9 tons, Jamie 3 wins and an 18 darter and JR with 15 tons and 3 wins. Josh, Ian and Willie won 2 games each for the Outlaws with Willie hitting a 180 in his 10 tons.

Rat Pack 17 v Dragons 4 – Match Stats

A team I predicted to come 4th took out the first past the post with an emphatic win over the Dragons. 66 tons thrown by the Rat Pack, Horse hit a 180 and a 16 darter, Gabe also a 16 darter with Justin just shading his team mates with a 15 dart game. Ciaran again in sparkling form with 14 tons, 2 wins and an 18 darter and the metronome Edgar with 12 tons including a 180.

Vipers 12 v Two Darts 9 – Match Stats

A very competitive match that went right to wire with John and Jack winning the last 2 games to seal victory. Glen 14 tons including a 180, Pas a 180, John 3 singles wins and a 116 peg, Jack a 180 and a 115 peg. Two Darts, another 180 for Alex and 3 wins, a 17 darter for Pat and after Pas won the first leg Michael called it that he’d win the next two and did so with a 180 and a 13 dart leg.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 13:

Javelins 11 v Raptors 10 – Match Stats

The first of 3 ridiculously close games in B grade this week. The lead changed several time before it was left to Luch to close out the match for the Javelins. A match played in great spirit by all accounts. Bit of Bryan brilliance with 9 tons and 3 wins set it up for the Javelins. For the Raptors Liam hit a 180 and Pieter a 100 peg with Don adding another 8 tons to his increasingly large ton count.

Jockys 11 v Cannons 10 – Match Stats

The definition of a see-sawing match with no team leading by more than 2 at any point. Ian in the end won the match for the Jockys with his 4th win of the night. Solid all round performance by the Cannons also with Arthur winning the ton count with 7.

Slashers 11 v Devils 10 – Match Stats

Another cracking game with the Devils storming back it took something special from James to win the match from the Slashers including a 180 in that game. Carlos the man of the moment again with 4 wins and 6 tons. Some great darts from the Devils with Ash hitting a 180 but it was Christian who was a man possessed not dropping a leg of singles all night and hitting 6 tons.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 13:

Motley Crew 12 v Wanderers 3 – Match Stats

The MC continue their march into B grade and a solid performance to boot with Ross back hitting 7 tons and Sam, Tim and Dan winning all their matches. Lance and Dave led the Wanderers charge with 2 circles each with Lance taking the prized scalp of Smithy with a straight legs victory.

Nek Minit 12 v Tri-Hards 3 – Match Stats

With most of the matches going to a third leg it was a somewhat unlucky result for the Tri-Hards but Nek Minit showed how clinical they can be with their finishing. Archie, Mark and Daz has 3 wins each with Archie winning the ton race with 5. Big congrats to Dave for a 180 although his celebrations would make you think he hits one every day with Vickii hitting the most tons with 3.

Gremlins 10 v Arrows 5 – Match Stats

Another battling performance from the 5 player Arrow team. Thanh and Terry won 3 games each for the Gremlins whilst for the Arrows, Renita was untouchable in her singles winning both without dropping a leg.