BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 20

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 20:

Imports 15 vs Vipers 6 – Match Stats

The red hot Imports were at it again with a a 15-6 win over the 4th place Vipers.

Glen continued his great form with 3 wins and 14 tons and both Jamil (4 tons) and Pas (10 tons) won a pair of games.

There were big nights for a few of the Imports players.  JR had two 18 darters. hit 11 tons and won 3 games…..  Jamie hit 10 tons and won all 3 of his singles…. Shane had a 110 peg, 3 singles wins and 7 tons…. Frosty hit an 18 darter and 13 tons….  A top team performance.

Raptors vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for the Raptors.

Dragons vs Muppets- Match Stats

Result pending

Rat Pack 9 vs Scorpions 12 – Match Stats

The five man Rat Pack were unable to pull off an unlikely victory against the third place Scorpions.  The final scoreline shows that the games played were split 9 apiece but the 3 forfeits took the Scorps home.

Justin (7 tons) was strongest for the Pack with 3 singles wins ably assisted with 2 wins each from Max, who hit 6 tons including a 180, and Aaron with 10 tons including a maximum, a 100 peg and an 18 darter.

For Scorpions Joe (6 tons) and BA (12 tons and a 100 peg) led the way with three wins each with Scotty firing in 16 tons and an 18 darter.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 20:

Slashers 5 vs Cannons 16 – Match Stats

The Cannons were firing on all cylinders at Enoggera taking the game 16 to 5.

A great night in defeat for Peter who won all of his singles games and hit 8 tons.  For the Cannons both Benny (4 wins, 6 tons) and Arthur (3 wins, 6 tons) were undefeated while Bnager won all his singles and knocked in 6 tons as well.

Motley Crew vs Bye – Match Stats

A week off for the Crew this week.

Devils 11 vs Jockys 10 – Match Stats

A huge comeback for the Devils who were staring at a 9-6 deficit with the final round of singles to go.  They got the game back to 9-all, went 10-9 behind then took the last two games to squeak to victory.

Josh led the way for Jockys with 3 wins and 3 tons while Ben kept his scoring boots on for a second week, hitting 11 to go with last week’s 13.

For Devils Christian was unstoppable with 4 wins, 8 tons and a 17 darter and he had excellent support from Steve (2 wins, 6 tons) and Randall (2 wins, 4 tons).

Some tidy finishing in this game by all accounts with Dave taking out 76, Steve 74 and Pat 70.

Nek Minit 9 vs Javelins 12 – Match Stats

As happens so often we have a game where one teams gets off to flyer in the doubles and holds that lead to the end, this time the Javs going off to a 3-0 lead and winning by 3.

For Nek Minit Archie was in good form with two wins, a high score of 174 and a high peg of 129.  The other two game winners were Ty (3 tons), Daz (6 tons) and Mark (8 tons).

For the high flying Javs it was Peter’s night with 7 tons and 4 wins from 4 without losing a leg.  Three game winners were Keith (5 tons), Gavin (3 tons) and Bryan (7 tons including a 180).

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 20:

Arrows 11 vs Wanderers 4 – Match Stats

A comprehensive win for the Arrows.  They took the doubles 3-0 and both rounds of singles 4-2 to emerge 11-4 winners overall.

For the Wanderers Lance stood out with 2 singles wins and a ton with Snow hitting a score of 156.  On the Arrows side two players won 3 from 3…. Vinnie and Dom, who also hit 4 tons.  Renita banged in 6 tons and Chadders hit a 171.

Gremlins vs ALGC – Match Stats

A forfeit win to The Gremlins.

Bye vs Tri-Hards – Match Stats

A bye for Tri Hards.