BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 19

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 19:

Imports 17 vs Muppets 4- Match Stats

The fact that Imports sit 5th in the ladder is a testament to the quality of A grade this season.

For the Muppets it was Stuey leading the way once again with 2 wins and 5 tons whilst Scott banged in 7 tons and picked up a win.

I’m going to have to find out what Frosty and JR did on the bye week as they were in unbeatable form.  Neither player dropped a leg all night with JR hitting 20 tons (yes, TWENTY) and Frosty 6, all of which were 120+.  Nev also won 4 from 4 and hit 10 tons to round out a strong victory.

Scorpions vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for the Scorps.

Vipers 12 vs Raptors 9 – Match Stats

The Wantima bragging rights go to the Vipers thanks to a 5-from-6 first round of singles.  The Raptors edged the last two rounds 7 games to 5 but the damage had been done.

The Raptors spread their wins around but mentions to Corey (2 wins, 10 tons), Liam (2 wins, 9 tons) and Glen who hit a 180.

On the Vipers side there were stunning performances from Glen (7 tons including 2 ton-plus checkouts and a 180) and Pat (11 tons), neither player dropping a leg all night.  Also, Pas hit a 14 darter and fired in 9 tons in his 2 singles wins. 

Rat Pack 11 vs Dragons 10 – Match Stats

An excellent win for Rat Pack at The Brook which showed exactly why they are reigning champions and league leaders.  They once again proved they can come from behind and get wins from anyone in the team.

For the visitors Raymond hit 27 tons and 5 low games with excellent support from Carlos who won 3 from 4, hit 11 tons including two 180’s and two low games.  Edgey rounded out the Dragons low games with a 17 darter.

For the Pack it was a classic team performance,  Three wins each for Gabe (12 tons and a 111 peg) and Max (9 tons) whilst Horse hit a 148 peg, Terry a 100 peg and Justin fired in a 180.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 19:

Nek Minit vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for Nek Minit.

Cannons 11 vs Jockys 10 – Match Stats

The Cannons notched another win at Jockys with the 11-10 scoreline slightly misleading given the Jockys won the last 4 games with the result already decided,

For Jockys Ian won his 3 singles hitting 8 tons and Pat, Clive and Peter won 2 each.  Ben went on a ton frenzy banging in 13 of them.  For Cannons Arthur (5 tons) had a storming night bagging 4 circles and Mark (2 tons), Gav (1 ton) and Craig (8 tons) picked up 2 wins apiece.

Motley Crew 16 vs Devils 5 – Match Stats

The Crew steamroller continues on its way with a 16-5 win over a very handy Devils side.

Rudi (6 tons) and Christian (5 tons) were solid in a losing effort with 2 wins each.  For the Crew three players went unbeaten with Ross (11 tons), Sam (3 tons) and Chris G (2 tons).

Javelins 15 vs Slashers 6 – Match Stats

The 5 men of Slashers took on a near-full strength Javelins and went down 15-6.

For Slashers Denis won 2 of his 3 singles hitting 6 tons on the way while Brian pounded in 10 of his own and picked up a win.   On the Javs side three players went undefeated with Peter(4 from 4) continuing his rich vein of form as he went through singles without dropping a leg,  Luch (4 from 4) hit 5 tons and Bryan (3 from 3).

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 19:

Wanderers 6 vs Tri-Hards 9- Match Stats

A very good win for Tri-Hards against the high flying Wanderers which closed the gap for second to 2 points.

For the victors Dave and Jess were unbeaten with 3 wins from 3, both hitting 2 tons.  The two standouts for the Wanderers were Tim (2 wins and 5 tons) and Lance, who not only won both his singles but hit a monster 145 peg!

Arrows 6 vs ALGC 9 – Match Stats

A see-saw encounter at Chermside saw Arrows storm to a 3-1 lead before ALGC reeled off 6 in a row to take a decisive lead.  As the games ran out ALGC were able to match the Cannons win for win to take the game 9-6.

For Arrows Dom had 3 wins and 4 tons, Renita notched another 2 wins, and Scotty pounded the 19’s to good effect with 4 scores of a 117+.

For ALGC Nicky was the standout with 3 wins from 3 and 5 tons, with Nandi, Aden and Christo winning 2 games apiece as well.

Bye vs Gremlins – Match Stats

A bye for Gremlins