BNSDC Season 2015 – Round 35

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Two Darts 18 v Javelins 3 – Match Stats

A full strength Two Darts warmed up for the finals with a solid win. Alex with 106 and 107 pegs and Greg with 110 and a 155 to finish the evening. However both those two met Peter in sparkling form who managed to beat both 2-0 pegging 116 along the way and was poised to win his 3rd singles until Greg pulled out the 155.

Motley Crew 13 v Panthers 8 – Match Stats

Motley Crew may have sensed a touch of dejavu after going 3-0 up to find themselves reeled in to 5-4 but lessons learnt this week as they pulled away to win well. Richard was in ominous form, obviously had some hot competition during the week as he hit 12 tons and a 180. Sam and Aaron also had solid nights with 4 wins each. Gabe and Max lost their second doubles of the season scoring 22 tons between with Gabe going unbeaten in his singles.

Scorpions 13 v Dragons 8 – Match Stats

First versus third and Scorpions just too good on the night. Scotty starring with 4 wins, 17 tons, a 111 peg and an 18 dart leg, with Horse also winning 4. For the Dragons it was Arthur and Mark Edge winning 2 singles each (congrats to Mark Lee on the mystery bet win)


Vipers 21 v Ex Pats 0 (Forfeit)

Not the way the Vipers wanted to seal a spot in the plate finals but I think it’s the first time they have played a team with less than 6 players this season.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Arrows 8 v Slashers1 7 – Match Stats

Arrows got off to a flyer but were pegged back to 5-4 before Banz sealed the victory with his 3rd win of the night. Edgar was solid again with 9 tons and a 123 peg. Slashers1 were scoring well and won the tons battle 25-22 with Nicky leading the way with 8. Corey and Liam with 2 wins each.

Jockys 10 v Slashers2 5 – Match Stats

An all round performance from the Jockys to win against the Slashers 2 side 10-5.  The Jockys are back in ominous form  for the finals with nearly all players hitting top form. Some excellent play from Rean Funnell for the Slashers and Derek Smart, Ian Newton and Gary Thompson for the Jockys..

Tri-Hards 11 v Bulls 4 – Match Stats

Tri-Hards confirmed their home semi in 2 weeks with an emphatic win over the Bulls.No surprises it was Marty with 7 tons and 3 wins who shone for the Tri-Hards. The Bulls were not far away all night with alot of matches going to 3 legs.

Devils 12 v Wanderers 3 – Match Stats

The Devils rollercoaster continues to gather momentum. Justin and Col with 3 wins each and Col also hit a 111 peg. For the Wanderers Lance hit a 180 (nice one mate) and after what must have been an incredibly difficult week Snow came out and nearly won 3 games.