Ekka Invitational Darts Classic Draw

Last Sunday the draw was made for both lives of the EKKA Invitational Darts Classic, Wednesday August 16th, to be hosted by BNSDC.  The links to the draw are provided below.

Ekka 1st life Draw

Ekka 2nd life Draw

The competition will begin at 9:30am with four qualifying matches, indicated on the first life as 1,2,3 and 4. The winners of each of these matches will progress to the competition proper with Round 1 due to commence at 10am.

We anticipate that the second life will start at 1pm with the final and presentation occurring from 4 to 5pm. In order to give all players a minimum of two matches, the four losers of these qualifying matches automatically join the 2nd life as indicated as “Loser G1” etc. aligning the numbers etc. as indicated in the first life.

Should any players pull out of the competition the “qualifying match” players pulled out of the hat first will replace them. E.G. If a player pulls out Sean Gutzke will take their place in both lives and Martin Bansey advances to play Jamie Rundle in the first life, and coincidentally in the 2nd life also. If a second player pulls out Tony Blagden takes their place in both lives etc. There are some instances of players being drawn against the same player twice, this was just luck of the draw.

All matches are 501 best of 5 for Rounds 1, Rounds 2 and the Quarter Finals. The Semi-finals and Final of each life will be 501 best of 7. The winner of each life will play each other to decide the overall Classic winner. It is intended the format will be at least best of 7. If the same player wins both lives they will be automatically be deemed the overall winner with the runners-up of both lives playing each other to decide the overall runner-up.

We are however restricted by time with a band scheduled to start not long after our presentations at the Stockman’s Bar. This may mean for example in the second life the semi finals might be adjusted to best of 5. It’s hard to predict at this stage but we will do our best to get through the games and make it a great darting experience for all involved.

For the players involved you should have completed your online induction and paid your entry fee prior to Sunday August 13th. We will be purchasing the tickets in bulk and will advise in due course which gate you can collect your ticket from if for some reason we are unable to get it to you.

All players should be sending me a brief bio of their career achievements/highlights. I also encourage you to include your nickname and walk on song. We can hopefully get this set up for the quarter finals at the very least but I can’t promise anything just yet. All emails from players should be directed to president@bnsdc.com.au

Drew Martin
President – BNSDC