BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 2

Premier League Round 1 Full Ladder

Stray Darters 13 Vs Imports 7 Match Stats

The Strays started strongly jumping to a 5-1 which was a bridge too far for the Imports.

Dave was a metronome all night winning everything (2 x 140’s, 100 peg, 17 darts), Dean was solid on debut winning 5 games (5 x 140’s, 104 peg, 15 darts) and Kylie hit a 180 and pegged 100.

The honours were shared for the Imports with John (6 x 140’s), Jack (3 x 140’s) and Nev (1 x 140) winning 2 games a piece.

We’re On 13 Vs Dragoffs 7 Match Stats

We’re On continued their dominance over the Dragoffs with an impressive victory to christen their new home of Mitchelton Football Club. Pas was on fire with 8 x 140’s, a 180, 112 peg and 13 dart leg, Aaron hit a 104 peg also. For the Dragoffs Alex hit 4 x 140’s, 2 x 180’s a 107 peg and a 16 darter..

Scorpions 15 Vs Red Scorpions 5 Match Stats

An impressive start for the Scorpions. Brian went undefeated with a 180 and two 116 pegs. Pat also on fire with 3 x 140’s, a 14 dart leg and a 103 peg. Bob pegged 104 as well as hitting 2 x 140’s and a 180. Glen was the muscle for the Reds winning 3 and hitting 3 x 140’s and 2 x 180’s with Willy chiming in with 2 x 140’s and a 107 peg.

Dave was a metronome all night winni

Raptors 16 Vs Peeping Toms 4 Match Stats

Welcome to the Premier League was the message from the Raptors. A very consistent performance from the Raptors with Liam leading the charge with 6 wins, 180 and 16 darter with Kate also unbeaten on the night with 6 wins.

As expected Ross won 4 of his 5 with a 140 and Sam pitched in with a win and a 119 peg.

Aha Gotcha Vs Bye

Aha Gotcha enjoyed a week off

A GRADE Round 2 Full Ladder

Gremlins 15 Vs Nemesis 6 Match Stats

Gremlins got off to a flying start and couldn’t be reeled in. Matt had a great night with 8 tons and 8 doubles to boot and didn’t drop a leg. Richard no slouch either with 9 tons, a 180 and a 119 peg. Banga the pick of the Nemesii hitting 5 tons and 2 wins.

Javelins 8 vs Devils 13 Match Stats

An inspired win by the Devils, who under the 5 player rule, were allowed to play with 6 but on the back of this scoreline the Javelins may not be so generous next time.

Gary (9 tons and a 120 peg), Rudi (6 tons, a 180 and 104 peg), Steve (7 tons) and Ash (one ton) all won 4 matches.

Pete for the Javelins was on song with 4 wins and 5 tons with the old silver fox, Hugh also pitching in with 3 wins.

Scorpions “B” 17 Vs Wildcats 4  Match Stats

In what I am sure was a very quiet evening at the Brook, the Wildcats sprung out of their cages to lead 3-1 and were not out of it with the score at 5-4 but the Scorpions “B” showed why they $1.20 to win A grade this season.

Grant the only player to win 4 hit 5 tons, Joe hit a 180 in his 5 tons and new player Wayne appears to be no slouch with a 180 in his 6 tons. Hilly hit a 19 dart game also which gets him a pat on the back.

Shazza (6 tons) and Vickii (2 tons) picked up 2 wins a piece with Nikki chipping in with a win and 2 tons.

Dragons 7 Vs Nek Minit 14  Match Stats

Nek Minit took out the local derby after a first and second round singles blitz saw them lead 11-4. Daz (1 ton), Mark (6 tons) and Shaun (7 tons) won three games a piece. For the Dragons it was the wily experience of Mick shining through with 4 wins and 5 tons.

Pinoy Darters Vs Bye

A bye for Pinoy Darters

B GRADE Round 2 Full Ladder

Cannons 10 vs Wanderers 5 Match Stats

Cannons leapfrog Wanderers to grab third place in the table on the back of a good all round performance.  Three Cannons went undefeated on the night, Jason (4 tons), Neil and Lyn (2 tons).  For Wanderers Dave (2 tons) and Lance (1 ton) both won twice.

Tossers 8 Vs ALGC 7 Match Stats

New team the Tossers kept their undefeated status in tact with a hard fought win. Robert won all 3 matches and hit 4 tons, Pat (6 tons) and Julie won 2 a piece. The maestro Pieter won all 3 of his games and hit 4 tons for ALGC.

Wanderers 3 vs Mitchelton Mustangs 12 Match Stats

The Mustangs notched the first win in impressive style. Richard (3 tons), Graham (2 tons) and Chris (1 ton) won all three of their matches with Lindsay pegging 94.

Whilst Snow won the ton count with 4 for the Wanderers it was the girls bringing home the bacon with Elyse and Carol winning a singles and from my best guess Michael from the Mustangs filled in for the Wanderers and took out team mate Lindsay.

Jockys 9 v ALGC2 6 Match Stats

The Jockys got ahead early and although it was a tight match never surrendered the lead. Derek (3 tons) and Pat were ruthless with 3 wins each, Ian also won 3 and hit 4 tons including a 180 (didn’t bust this time). Yash hit 5 tons for ALGC2 and Rupen 2 tons and 2 wins.