BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 1

Premier League Full Ladder

No season 2 fixtures

A GRADE Round 1 Full Ladder

Gremlins 9 Vs Pinoy Darters 12 Match Stats

Welcome Pinoy Darters and what a start. Edgar hit a 180, 10 tons, 100 peg and won 4 games. Not to be outdone Mel won all his games, hit 9 tons including a 180 and a 104 peg and Joel pegged an impressive 143. For the Gremlins Richard “The artist formerly known as King” Webber hit 9 tons and all 4 games with Peter pegging 100.

Wildcats 8 vs Devils 13 Match Stats

The Devils turned up pumped to face the newly unleashed Wildcats. Gary (11 tons) and Christian (6 tons) were on fire with 4 wins each, Rudi chipping in with 3 wins and a 109 peg. For the voluptuous Wildcats it was Shazza shining with 6 tons and 4 wins with Vickii hitting 3 tons and winning 2 singles also.

Scorpions “B” 11 Vs Nek Minit 10  Match Stats

Even though the Scorpions were up 11-5 it was an impressive finish from Nek Minit who can be proud of their efforts.

Joe 10 tons and a 17 dart leg led the charge with Shaun pegging 104.

Shaun M was solid with 3 singles wins for Nek Minit and Daz hit an 18 dart darter with a 95 finish.

Dragons 14 Vs Nemesis 7   Match Stats

Dragons off to a flyer against the new look Nemesis. Three wins each for Mick (6 tons), Craig (4 tons), Ben (3 tons) and Cathy (2 tons), For the Nemesis the two Daves won three games with Dave Render hitting 7 tons and showing his A grade cred whilst captain “Hot Pants” Davo hit 4 tons including a 107 peg.

Javelins Vs Bye

Javs bye

B GRADE Round 1 Full Ladder

Cannons 9 vs Mitchelton Mustangs 6 Match Stats

In a see-sawing battle it was captain Neil Barry that sealed victory for their Cannons late in the game. Neil (2 tons) along with Allen (2 tons) and Lyn (1 ton) won both their singles.

Richard has a solid night for the Mustangs with 3 wins and 2 tons.

Tossers 8 Vs ALGC2  0 Match Stats

A forfeit win for the Tossers.

Wanderers 4 Vs ALGC 11 Match Stats

ALGC were very impressive against the Wanderers. Rupen and Nicky won 3 games whilst Pieter hit 5 tons including a 107 peg out. Lance hit 4 tons and along with Carol, Elyse and Snow won a singles.

Jockys Bye

A week off for Jockys.