Season 2 – 2017 Draws

Please see below the links to each grades draw for season 2 and also a venue chart which indicates to various venues how many teams they have playing there each week. The fixtures will be loaded over the next fortnight to the website. It is not a quick task so please be patient, we are volunteers you know. If there are any changes to the draw I will simply upload the new version here so whatever draw this link sends you to, it is the current one.

The venues for the singles for each grade are yet to be allocated to the particular venues.

Due to the increase of premier league teams to 10 we have had to reduce the finals from 3 weeks to 2 weeks and move the closed doubles to a Sunday. For the Premier League the closed Doubles will be played at Chermside Bowls Club on Sunday July 23, starting at 1pm, which also happens to be a social darts day for the club, so all grades are welcome.

In B grade every team has the same number of home games however in 4 instances teams play others twice at home and others twice away. Due to the congestion of four venues being at capacity this was unavoidable in order to provide a balanced draw. There are also rounds not quite in sync for A and B grade. eg round 3 and 16 are the reverse fixtures in A grade.

Downstairs I have a President’s Shield which was not utilized last year and due to the way the B grade draw has worked out it was a perfect opportunity to resurrect the shield and play a cup knockout style competition over 3 weeks at season’s end with the winner taking home the President’s Shield. I will try and rotate this competition through the other two grades over the course of next year.

If you spot any errors, have any questions or just want to send general abuse, please email me,

BNSDCDraw2017Season2 Premier

BNSDCDraw2017Season2 A Grade

BNSDCDraw2017Season2 B Grade

BNSDCDraw2017Season2 By Venue