BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 11

Premier League Round 11 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 16 vs Imports 4 Match Stats

Toms and Imports are two teams fighting it out in a very tight bottom half of the table and it was the home team who muscled their way to victory to the tune of 16 games to 4.

Sam was top Tom with 6 wins from 6 with four 140s and a 101 peg but Kingy right up there with 5 wins including all 4 singles.  Ross also won 5 times (2 doubles, 3 singles) and hit three 140s.

Nev and Rich won one of their doubles together and a singles each as well, with the latter hitting 3 140s.  Jamie, with a 140 and a 180 to his name,  picked up the other circle with a singles win.

We’re On 12 vs Dragoffs 8Match Stats

First versus fourth, and this result seems to cement both teams into their respective spots on the ladder with only a few weeks to go.
Dragoffs got off to a good start and pushed out to a 6-4 lead at the halfway stage before WO hit the afterburners and won the next six games of singles.  Dragoffs kept the tie alive by getting it back 10-8 with the doubles to come before WO ended the comeback by winning both of them.
In the last few weeks a few teams have come close to defeating We’re On but it says a lot about that attitude and ability that none have succeeded.
Gabe and Max both won 4 times with Max hitting a 100 peg and two 140s.  For WO Horse was best with 5 wins, a 140, a 180 and a 106 peg while Matty won 4 times on the night.  Three wins each for Pas (2 140s) and Aaron who filled all the boxes with 3 140s, a 180, a 100 peg and a 17 darter.

Motley Mustangs 10 vs Raptors 10 Match Stats

You really couldn’t make it up but Raptors, for the fourth time this season, played out a 10-all draw against the Motleys.  And once again they would be heading home feeling as if this was a point lost rather than a point gained given they were 10-8 up with the doubles to come.  But that’s darts and I can’t help feeling that these trials are building a stronger team for next season.

Lots of quality on show in this one with 20 140s, 2 180s, 3 ton plus finishes and 3 low games recorded during the match.  In terms of wins it was Corey (2 140s) with 5 leading the way but excellent stuff from three-time winner Dinga who hit 2 140s, a 180 and a brilliant 14 darter.  Mentions also to Blades who hit a 17 darter and 124 peg on the bullseye, and Daz with a 118 peg.

For the Motleys a cracking night from Stephen with 4 wins, 5 140s, a 180 and a 108 peg.  Willy picked up 3 wins with 2 140s and some real power scoring from Mick with 6 140s and an 18 darter.

Scorpions 9 vs Strays 11 Match Stats

The Premier League tie of the round was played out at Chermside between the Scorpions and Strays who occupied the second and third spots on the ladder.  The first installment ended in a draw earlier in the season and this one was even all night once Strays 2-0 doubles advantage was erased early on in the singles.  It went from 5-all at the halfway stage to 9-all with the doubles to come and every outcome was very much a possibility.  As it happened Strays were able to pick up both of them and claim the two league points which leapfrogs them into second on the ladder.

Big contributions to the victory from Frosty who won 5 times and hit 5 140s and a 180 with 4 wins each for Dave (4 140s and a 17 darter) and Ciaran (a 140, a 180 and an 18 darter).

For the Scorps Scotty(3 140s) won 3 and Pat and BA twice.  Pat hit a 140 and a 14 darter but BA (4 140s) threw some sensational darts with legs of a 15 darter and two 17’s during his 4 singles games.

A GRADE Round 11 Full Ladder

Gremlins 9 vs Nek Minit 12 Match Stats

Once again, enjoyable nights of darts, with a close result, in the end. Nek Minit jumped out of the blocks with 3 wins in the doubles. This proved to be the difference as the singles were shared.

For Nek Minit the standout performance goes to Shaun with 4 wins and 5 high scores. A great game of darts between he and Terry in the second round.  Mark and Daz chimed in with 5 ton+s a piece. Hilton had 3 wins also and 4 tons.

For the Gremlins, after a very sluggish start, got into the match and contested the remainder of the games competitively. Great night for Steve with 3 singles wins to love. Joe almost matched him with 2 of the same and a 3rd leg unlucky. Not to mention a great 121 peg out. Jack and Peter showed promise with 5 and 4 ton+ scores for the night.

Pinoy Darters 17 vs Wildcats 4 Match Stats

An overpowering win for the Pinot tonight and they certainly showed that they can maintain the pressure and consistency, over a round.

Roger motored on as he does with 4wins from 4, an 18 darter and 12 ton+ scores. Edgar was in pursuit with 4 wins also, a 180 and 6 other big scores. The depth of the team was evident with 3wins and 11 ton+s from Mel, 3 wins for Dom and 4 tons, and Leo  with 2 wins and 7 big scores as well.

For the girls it was a punishing experience, on paper at least. Accolades were shared across the team, which shows a fairly balanced team, but outgunned on the night by a relentless opponent.

2 wins for Vicki on the night and 2x 100+ scores, 1 win each for Kylie and Sharon. 6 other games went the distance, so it could have been a closer result. Ton+s also for Nick-5, Sharon-5 and Kylie 6.

Dragons 4 v Seagulls 17 Match Stats

A solid winning performance by the Gulls tonight but had to fight with 7 games going to 3 legs for the Dragons. A solid start with 3 doubles wins to kick off the night for the Seagulls.
Stat galore for the Seagulls – 4 wins each for Rudi & Gary, 3 wins for Christian, Drew & Nigel. Christian had a 180, a 16 dart leg, 5 ton+s and a 96 peg out. Rudi with 9x ton+ scores and a 93 peg. 12 tons+ for Drew, 8 for Gary & Nigel. Solid darts all around by this team.

The Dragons were hit hard early and never recovered. A couple of wins for Gavin and unlucky with 2 x 2-1 losses. 8 ton+ scores for Ben while Mark and Cathy had 4 each. 3 big scores for Chaddo as well. A tough night for the Dragons while being competitive at times tonight.

Nemesis 4 vs Scorpions 17 Match Stats

Yet another solid night of darts from the B’s, hammering home their consistency in the early rounds. 8-1 up after 9 games set the scene for a convincing win.
4 wins by Grant, Tristian & John was impressive while Joe won 3.  9 ton+ scores for Joe and an 18 dart leg stood out while Tristan and Grant had 8 big scores each. A solid team effort here and certainly Grand Final contenders it would seem.

Shell shocked would be a fair impression for Nemesis after 2 rounds but contested with 4 games going the distance on the night. Neil with 6 ton+ scores, Ben, Brendan & Don with 4 each showed some fight. Outplayed by a better team but not disgraced. Soldier on guys.

Javelins 9 vs Tossers 12 Match Stats

A depleted team from the Jav’s couldn’t quite get the job done tonight. By no means a convincing win by the Tossers, it would appear on paper. It is a shame when teams cannot field a full team but sometimes situations are unavoidable.

For the Tossers Patrick and Rob had 4 wins each, while Daniel had 3. A 180, 17 dart leg and 8 other high scores by Patrick was a standout tonight closely followed by Rob with 7 ton+ scores. 4 big scores from Daniel added to a team effort.

The Javelins are running a bit hot and cold at the moment it would seem. An uphill battle with only 5 players on the night. 3 wins for Bryan and 4 big scores, while Peter chimed in with 4 ton+ scores and 2 wins. A good effort under the circumstances by a competitive team.

B GRADE Round 11 Full Ladder

Links 8 vs Mitchelton Mustangs 7 Match Stats

It was a tight game out at the Links for these two teams, and could’ve swung either way until the last round. The Links started out with a good lead, having won 5 v 4 at the end of the second round but it’d come down to the last game in the last round to decide who’d take the win for the night. Great night by the Mustangs, all team members contributing to the wins on the night. Steady performance as always by The Links, scoring 18 ton plus scores as a team.

* Scoresheet not yet received from the Mustangs, results to be confirmed

Wanderers 6 vs Jockys 9 Match Stats 


Old rivals faced off at West Mitchie for the last time this season. While the Jockeys walked away with the win, the Wanderers scored their best game against the Jockey’s yet this year. Jockeys unfortunately didn’t have a full strength team but in the spirit of the game Wanderer Christian volunteered to give them a hand for the night, and what a cracker he had, beating his teammates in 2 in both rounds of singles. Even though the Wanderers picked up some extra points, in the end the Jockey’s had the night won at 9 v 6. Solid performance from the Jockeys with 11 ton plus scores overall, and 8 from the Wanderers lifting as the season goes on.

* Scoresheet not yet received from the Mustangs, results to be confirmed