BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 13

Premier League Round 13 Full Ladder

We’re On 13 vs Scorpions 7 Match Stats

Congratulations to We’re On as this win confirms them as Season 1 20118 Premier League Minor Premiers.  It also means that Scorpions will finish in the third spot on the ladder with one game to come courtesy of their superior leg difference over Dragoffs.

This was a good quality game from both sides with 4 ton plus pegs, 5 low games, 25 140s and 3 180s thrown between the two teams.  For the visitors Scotty (5 140s and a 102 peg) and Heals (4 140s) had the best of it with three wins each but mentions to BA who hit an 18 darter and a 120 peg and Glen for his 114 checkout.

There were two five time winners on the WO side of the sheet, Pas, who hit a 17 darter, and Horse who had a big nigh featuring 2 140s, a 180 and low games of 16 and 17 darts.  Aaron W put a tick in each box with 3 140s, a 180, a 140 peg and an 18 darter with Marshy hitting 3 140s and a 180 in amongst his 3 wins.

Dragoffs 13 vs Motley Mustangs 7 Match Stats

The Motleys were competitive throughout this one with Dragoffs finally putting the result away by winning 3 of the last 4 games to move from 10-6 up to 13-7 victors. Of the 20 games played 11 went to the deciding leg and the difference on the night was that Dragoffs won this contest within a contest 7-4.  Dragoffs were already assured of 4th spot on the ladder and the finals spot that comes with it but this defeat for the visitors keeps them in the thick of it at the other end of the table.

Max the pick for Dragoffs with 5 wins, 3 140s, a 120 peg and a 15 darter but Carlos (4 140s) also picked up 5 circles on the night. Gabe won 4 times, hitting 3 140s, and Blags won 3 with 3 140s and a 144 peg to his name.

Super scoring from Glen who hit 3 maximums and a 140, winning two from three games of singles.  Stephen also won two out of his three singles hitting 3 140s and a 180.  Mick was the other 2 time winner for MM.

Raptors 10 vs Peeping Toms 10 Match Stats

When news of another Raptors tie reached us we immediately dispatched the BNSDC Crime and Corruption committee to Wantima to perform a full investigation.  No betting irregularities were uncovered and interviews with the players failed to turn up anything untoward and so the result stands.  This season has seen both of the performances of both of these teams moving in the right direction and it’s easy to imagine them contending for a finals spot next year.

As you would expect from the line up of these teams two names stand out, one from each side and hardly anything to choose between them.  Corey with 5 wins a 140 & two 180s, and Ross 5 wins, two 140s and two 180s.  Given that Corey won their head to head, and all 4 of his singles, it’s probably fair to give him the nod.

Another decent run out for Kingy with four wins, a 174 and an 18 darter and Sam winning 3 times and hitting scores of 140 and 160.  Hopefully the seagull was treated well and didn’t get into the sandwiches.

For Raptors Blades (1 140) won 3 and Dinga (1 140 and a 180) won twice.

Imports 5 vs Strays 15 Match Stats

This win, coupled with Scorpions’ loss, means that Strays are locked into second place for the finals.

Richard king of the imports with 3 wins, 3 140s and an 18 darter with one win each for Matt, Nev (5 140s and a 180) and James, who hit 3 140s but was hitting the treble 20 so often that he couldn’t have been far off a much better night.

None better than Frosty with 6 wins from 6 but Ciaran not far behind with 5 wins (1 doubles and all 4 singles) with a 140 and a 16 darter to his name.  Dave won 4 times and hit 3 140s and an 18 darter.

A GRADE Round 13 Full Ladder

Scorpions “B” 16 vs Gremlins 5 Match Stats

Two teams with an abundance of players met up at West Mitchy tonight. No doubt the Scorpions had the better players on the night.

The Scorpions jumped out of the gate with a whitewash in the doubles, only losing 1 leg along the way. This form continued until the 5th and 6th singles and even then those games went to three. 5-1 and 4-2 in the remaining singles well and truly overwhelmed the Gremlins. John had 4 wins (2-0), 10 high scores and a 17 dart leg. Great darts mate. Tristan followed suit with 4 wins (2-0) and 6 ton+ scores. Mick and Shaun pitched in with 3 wins with 14 ton +s between them. Shaun also had the high score of the night with a 160. Solid win guys.

Gremlins were out classed here and have some work to do to avoid relegation. Of the five games won, all were 2-1 results and could have resulted in a worse scenario. Jack was the only star for the Gremlins with 3 wins and 7 ton+ scores. Terry and Peter had a win each and missed another one each going down 2-1 in those. Mark seems to have warmed to his new darts and scored 4 tons, a 120 and 140. Well done Mark. Work to do all round boys.

Nek Minit 9 vs Javelins 12 Match Stats

The Javelins and Nek’s had a close result here on paper but the Jav’s winning 8 matches 2-0 was a telling stat. Going ahead 2-1 after the doubles then 7-2 after the first singles proved a mountain too high for the NM team. An overall team contribution was evident with all players contributing with wins. Max, 5 tons, and Bryan, 8 big scores, each had 3 wins. Peter chimed in on the high scoring with 10 ton+ scores while Keith had the high score of the night with a credible 165. Good win there.

Nek Minit started slowly tonight and couldn’t quite recover from 10-5 down going into the last singles. Daz had 3 wins and a 2-1 loss on the night to lead the stats all around, and 5 tons to boot. Shaun, 8 ton+ scores, and Ben, 5 ton+ scores, chipped in with 2 wins a piece. A close result on paper, as I said, but they will need to be tighter as they close in on the finals.

Seagulls 13 v Pinoy Darters 8 Match Stats

The Seagulls looked to be soaring after the first singles going up 7-2 but had to consolidate with a fight back by the Pinoy in the latter stages. 3 wins each for Gary, 12 ton+s, and Nigel, 11 straight tons. 2 wins each for Christian, 6 big scores, Steve, 10 ton+s, and Rudi with 7 high scores as well. A great last singles set 4-2 ensured the Gulls will be there at seasons end.

For the Pinoy Darters, a very slow start to proceedings and down by a lot, early on. 3 wins for Edgar and 11 ton+ scores shone for the team tonight. 2 wins each for Roger, 12 big scores, and Mel with 8 ton+s. With 6 games going against them 2-1, it could have been a better result guys. I am sure the team will be competitive at the business end of the season.

Dragons 9 vs Nemesis 12 Match Stats

This match looked fairly close on paper between 2 teams with similar stats on the night. But Nemesis took home the cookies.

For Nemesis the first singles round gave them the edge to a successful night. With Neal leading the way with 4 wins on the night and 7 ton+ scores, Ian chimed in with 2 wins and 2 near wins/losses 2-1, and knocking out 8 big scores to boot. 2 wins each for Ben, 3 ton+ scores and Don with a 140 score. A close encounter overall.

For the Dragons, a determined battle that may have given a different result after being edged out early on 6-3 down after the first singles. Games were shared in the next two rounds and it would mean that the difference was the first singles round and a 2-1 doubles loss. Ash Harden, not known to me or the player register apparently, bashed out 4 wins and 5 ton+ scores.  2 wins a piece for Connor, 8 ton+s and Gav, 4 ton+s, while David with 2 big scores of 132 and a credible night high score of 171 was not to be denied. Good darts Rowie.

Wildcats 9 vs Tossers 12 Match Stats

Another close encounter at the Brook saw the Tossers take home the prize. Once again this week, we see a big difference after the first singles, with the Tossers taking a 7-2 lead into the remainder of the match. This would prove to be the difference that ultimately decided the match.

For the Tossers, 4 wins each for Patrick, 12 ton+ scores and Rob with 9 tons. Daniel jumped in with 2 wins and 7 big scores. These were enough to secure the win against a never say die Wildcats team.

For the Cats, 4 wins for Sharon and with 3 big scores, led the way. 2 wins a piece for Kylie, 7 ton+s, Nikita with 4 big scores as well. A good team effort but denied again, but only just. Good games.

B GRADE Round 13 Full Ladder

Cannons 9 vs The Links 6 Match Stats

The two top ranked B Grade teams faced off again, and who would take the win this time? Cannons came out ready to prove themselves and took all 3 doubles games straight up. They weren’t mucking around. The Links tried to answer back in the second round but could only take 2 games off the determined Cannons. They’d come back stronger in the third round with 4 games but it wasn’t enough to take the Cannons down. Cannons reigned victorious over The Links sharpshooters, and now join them at the top of the ladder both on 14 points each. Who’s going to take the coveted minor premiership? Not many rounds left to go.

* Scoresheet not yet received from the The Links, results to be confirmed

Mitchelton Mustangs 7 vs Jockys 8 Match Stats 

Nothing like an 8 v 7 game to keep you on the edge of your seats! This game could’ve gone either way. The Jockeys started off well, taking 2 of the doubles wins in the first round, and going on to take another 3 games in the second. The Mustangs would fight back though to keep in it, with a 5 v 4 lead to the Jockeys going into the third round. Jockeys would take the first two games, but Mustangs answered back, taking the win on that last game the Jockeys would need to take the night. Wouldn’t be much further into the round though and the Jockeys scored their 8th game for the night, and another nail biting win for the team. Strong performances from the Mustangs though on the ton count, with 13 ton plus scores for the team. Jockeys were just too strong on the night.

* Scoresheet not yet received from the Jockeys, results to be confirmed