BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 15

Premier League Finals Week 1

After 14 weeks of league games you hope to have good contests in the knockout stages and these two certainly lived up to that billing.  First…

We’re On vs Strays 

We’re On, the minor premiers, took on second place Strays at Chermside with a spot in the Grand Final for the winners and a second chance for the loser of this game.

We’re On got off to the perfect start in a couple of pretty scrappy doubles encounters but Strays soon dragged it back to 3-all.  The sides traded blows until Strays grabbed two in a row to move to a slender 8-6 lead.  This lead was short lived and We’re On hit straight back to get level at 8-all and when it went to 9-all it seemed as if it was going to take the team game to separate the two sides.

Strays took the first reverse doubles 2-1 in a game that had a couple of lulls but featured a memorable passage where the teams traded 5 consecutive ton plus visits.  With the score at 10-9 Dave and Frosty took the first leg of their match and had a decent lead in the second but Aaron and Pas dug deep to level it up and take the game into a deciding leg.  You would not have bet against this going all the way to a 21st game but Dave won it by pinning double 1 meaning Strays take the victory 11 games to 9 and progress to their maiden Grand Final.

Marshy, Dave & Ciaran had the best record on the night, each winning 1 doubles and 3 singles. Not all personal achievements were recorded but I remember Horse hitting a 150 peg as well as maximums from Dave, Ciaran, Banz and Marshy, who also hit a 17 darter.

Finally, thanks to Kingy and Blades for coming down to chalk and watch.

Scorpions vs Dragoffs

The other semi-final was a straight knock out with the winners progressing to a final elimination game against We’re On.

It has to be said that hese two teams are stacked with top BNSDC players making this a very worthy semi final.  Scorpions started off strongest by picking up both games of doubles and then maintaining this two game advantage until the score reached 5-3.  Dragoffs scrapped hard and got level at 5-all and 6-all but they were never able to get their noses in front.

Close contests are won by narrow margins and a key moment seems to have been the last game of singles which went to the deciding leg.  Scotty picked it up which gave the Scorps a 10-8 lead instead of it being 9-all with reverse double to come. This lead gave them two chances to get home but one was all that was needed as the power pairing of Heals and The Machine won their doubles 2 legs to 0 giving Scorpions the 11-8 victory and a showdown against We’re On next week at Chermside.

The most dominant individual performance of the night came from Max, who won 4 out of 4 singles, with other high spots coming from Heals with a 130 peg and Gabe who checked out 112.

A GRADE Round 15 Full Ladder

Dragons 10 vs Gremlins 11 Match Stats

What a great night of darts with both teams all but sharing the spoils. It proved to be 1 game of doubles that would be the difference between two evenly matched teams on the night. For the Dragons, 3 wins apiece for Ash (10 ton+’s), and Mark (1 ton). For Gremlins, 4 wins for Steve (9 ton+ scores) and a 140 peg out while Joe smashed a 180, well done guys. Consequently it all came down to the last game of the night to decide the match. Great job doing the book for dragons by Dave.

Javelins 11 vs Nemesis 10 Match Stats

Another tight match tonight being decided in the last couple of singles games. The Javelins getting across the line with vital wins in leg 5, to even it up, then Tony edging out Ian in the last game to secure the win. For the Jav’s, games were fairly evenly shared across the night. 3 wins for Max (4 ton+ scores), 2 wins each for Bryan (6 big scores) and Peter (6 ton+ scores as well). For Nemesis, 3 wins for Ian (6 ton+’s), Neil (4 ton+’s), Don (4 ton+’s). Brendan and Ben chimed in with 9 & 7 ton+’s respectively.

Wildcats 6 vs Nek Minit 15 Match Stats

A win by Nek Minit at the Brook, aided by a quick start leading by 3-0 after the doubles. A pretty even affair after that, until the final singles matches. A 5-1 result here secured the win, which looked comfortable on paper, but was a well fought out battle. For the Nek team, 3 wins each to Mark (18 dart leg and 4 tons), Shaun (2×140’s), Ben (5 big scores), Danny (4 tons) and Hilton (2 ton+’s). For the Wildcats, 3 wins for Kylie (6 ton+ scores), Shaz with 2 wins and 3 ton+ scores. Ness and Nikki kept NM honest with strong games.

Seagulls 6 vs Scorpions “B” Match Stats

A substantial win, on paper, by the Scorpions tonight secured them clear at the top of the ladder. It would appear that all the B’s fired up in the second round of singles winning 5 of 6 to ensure the win. John Ives had a night out with 2×180’s, 13 & 16 dart legs, 11 other ton+ scores and, of course, 4 wins. Great darts. 3 wins each for John Hill (2 ton+’s) Grant (12 ton+ scores) and Joe (7 big scores).Tristian had an 18 dart leg along with 9x ton+ scores. For the Gulls, although the score sheet looked sparse, fought hard to battle it out with an outstanding opponent tonight. Two wins for Nigel and 12 ton+ scores led the way supported by Drew (5 big scores) and Gary with 7 ton+’s. Still in the hunt as the finals are approaching.

Pinoy Darters 11 vs Tossers 10  Match Stats

And yet another nail biter this week, all the more remarkable as Pinoys were down to only 5 players. Once again the solitary extra win in doubles was to prove the difference in the end score. The singles shared 9 apiece. For Pinoys, 4 wins each for Roger (10 ton+’s) Leo (9 ton+ scores). 3 wins for Bob (3 ton+’s). For the Tossers, 3 wins for Patrick (6 ton+ scores and an 18 dart leg) Rob (5 ton+s). Daniel chimed in with 8 big scores.

B GRADE Round 15 Full Ladder

Wanderers 4 v Cannons 11 Match Stats

With the end of the minor premiership upon us, Number 1 and Number 5 on the ladder faced off for a final showdown. The Cannons had a great night, with a stunning 180 scored by Alan Mitchell, who also backed it up with 3 wins on the night – way to go Alan! The Cannons were consistently sharp in their scoring and it showed. The Wanderers made sure to make them fight for it though, taking 4 wins off the Cannons and another 3 games went to the final leg so no one was letting the Cannons storm away with it. But credit to the Cannons for a great season and lifting the competition in B Grade!

Jockeys v The Links Match Stats 

Forfeit win for The Links