BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 2

Premier League Round 2 Full Ladder

We’re On 16 vs Raptors 4 Match Stats

It’s unusual for the people of Oodnadatta, South Australia to take an interest in BNSDC fixtures but as “Hottest Place in Australia” record holders since 1960 they were keeping a close eye on this one.  Luckily for them the temperature in the scorer’s corner didn’t ever to their record of 50.7c although it got close a few times.

On to the game…. This one started out pretty close with Raptors taking four of the first eight games of singles after losing both of the opening doubles. From there it was one way traffic as WO turned a 6-4 lead into a 16-4 win.

Aaron M putting in a first class performance with 6 wins with 6 140s, 2 180s and low games of 16 and 14 darts. Five wins on the night for Aaron W (4 140s and a 103 peg) and Horse (4 140s and an 18 darter).

Corey leading Raptor with 2 wins, 5 140s and a 106 with peg with wins each for Dinga, who hit a 105 peg, and Mark who had an 18 darter.

Motley Mustangs 2 vs Strays 18 Match Stats

In the other side of the hotbox Motley Mustangs hosted Strays in what turned out to be a one-sided affair. Picking up the two wins for the Motleys were Steve who hit 2 140s and a 180 and Glen who knocked in 5 140s and a 105 peg.

Six from six for Dave (5 140s) and Banz (a maximum) with 5 each for Ciaran (2 140s) and Frosty (5 140s).

Imports 7 Vs Scorpions 13 Match Stats

The Scorpions flew out to a 7-1 lead but Imports gave themselves a chance by winning four of the next five to get back to 8-5.  That was a close as they were able to get and Scorpions closed out the win in the last round of singles.

Back in the Imports lineup was Shane, leading the way with 3 wins and two 140s with two wins each for Matt (3 140s) and Richard (2 140s and a 180).

The champs have quality from top to bottom and all four of the team picked up 4 wins each. Line honours going to Scotty with 5 140s and an xx darter with Brian also hitting 5 140s and BA knocking in a 160 peg.

Dragoffs 11 vs Peeping Toms 9 Match Stats

The Toms had last year’s runners up on the ropes and were 6-3 up just before the halfway stage before the home team dug in and seven of the next eight to secure at least a point.  The last round of singles went to the visitors to make it 10-8 with the doubles to come but Carlos and Gabe closed the match out with a 2-0 win.

Carlos really firing up with the heaviest scoring night of the PL season with 8 140s and 2 180s amongst his 4 wins. Gabe also picked up 4 wins hitting 4 140s, a xx peg and a 15 darter. The other two Dragoffs also contributed key wins in this close match, Corey with 3 circles and Blags with 2.

For the Toms it was that man Ross leading the way with 4 wins and 3 140s but a big night for Sam as he also picked up 4 wins with a couple of 140s.

A GRADE Round 2 Full Ladder

Javelins 11 v Gremlins 10 Match Stats

The Javelins chalked up a win against the Tossers who clearly came spoiling for a fight. And they found one. Patrick from the Tossers decided to spray down the battlefield with 15 tons and ton pluses and threw in a 17 dart game for good measure. And Rob laying down a field of fire himself with 8 clean tons and dropped a bomb halfway through with a 180 and snatching three wins of his own.

But the Javelins who were not taking that stuff lying down were shooting back with some epic spears of their own most notably Peter who felt the need to establish some dominance by shooting a 102 peg to snatch a victory and Max who laid down some serious cover fire with 7 tons and two wins to add to the collection of victories over the night with the Javelins keeping their cool and loading up their wins everyone did their part and chalked up another one. Quite a skirmish indeed, well done Javelins!

Scorpions “B” 20 v Nemesis 1 Match Stats

The 4 Nems unable to perform a miracle against a full-strength Scorpions “B” side featuring new recruit Ivesy who won four from four and hit 11 tons.  Unbeaten also were Hilly (5 tons), Tristan (7 tons), Grant (4 tons, a 15 darter) and Darryl (9 tons).  Julie (4 tons) picked up the visitor’s only circle but Alena knocked in 4 tons as well.

Seagulls 15 v Dragons 6 Match Stats

These two teams were ton machines! The Seagulls came out strong taking all games in the doubles rounds. No doubt being helped by Christian’s 11 tons, Rudi’s 13 and Gary’s 10 over the course of the night.

Dragons kept the lads in check though and Ben, Cathy and Chadders took their games in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to keep in the game but by the end of the 3rd round the Seagulls had won the night. Special mention to Mark L scoring a 174 amongst his tons, and 140’s going to the ladies Paula and Cathy. Connor had a solid night with 8 tons and one game in 2 legs.

On the Seagulls side special mention to Christian’s 17 dart game – well done, and both Gary and each completed a 90 peg.

Pinoy Darters 11 v Wildcats 10  Match Stats

This match looked like a fight to the last dart. Pinoy Darters took the night but not without a solid effort from the Wildcat ladies answering them back. The ladies were in the lead right until the middle of the 3rd round until Caleb took a win late in the 3rd round and then the Pinoy Darters brought it home.

Special mention to Nikki taking a win for all her games on the night, and Mel and Dom for taking all of their games. Vikki had a great scoring night notching 8 tonnes up on her belt, with Kylie and Nikki not far behind. Mel had an 18 dart game on the night which was surely helped by his 8 tons scored on the night.

Nek Minit 16 vs Gremlins 5  Match Stats

Nek Minit had a great night yet again with a solid 16 to 5 win against the Gremlins. Nek Minit took an early lead in the night with their doubles win, but Jack made sure to secure one game of the round to keep in the game.

Nek Minit proved too strong in their singles rounds, taking 5, 4 and 5 games in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round respectively. The Gremlin’s Joe, Peter and Steve all took their singles games in 2 legs but it wasn’t enough to take the win.

Special mention to Mark and Ngawai both scoring 180s on the night, and a 156 to Alex from the Gremlins.

B GRADE Round 2 Full Ladder

Cannons 9 v Mustangs 6

First game back for the Cannons for 2018 and it was great to have them back. Even though the lads didn’t have a full strength team, they played strong and made sure to take a few legs off the Mustangs to make them work for it.

Mustangs took the night with a 9 to 6 win but the 4 Cannons almost out-tonne the Mustangs on the night. Gary had a great night with 4 tonnes – 2 solid 100’s, a 116 and 119. As well, Tom, Scotty and Neil all scored 3 tonnes on the night.

Richard had a strong scoring night putting 6 tonnes under his belt, scoring a 140 and 14 during his night.

Mustangs took the night on this occasion, but will be great to see a full strength Cannons match the Mustangs later during the season.

The Links 9 v Wanderers 6

A hot and humid night proved a decent challenge for these two teams. This match was tight right up until the middle of the last round.

Dave and Lance had a great game against Ben and Antoinette, but took the win to put the Wanderers up a game. This was answered back by The Links, with father and son Pieter and Nicky pegging their doubles win to put The Links in the lead.

Second round was even – 3 games to The Links and 3 to the Wanderers. No one was going down without a solid fight. Lance took his first leg in two, he wasn’t mucking around, and Snow and Tim came through to keep the Wanderers in the fight. Yash and Nicky took their games in two also, and it brought the night down to the final round.

Lance fought Yash in a nail-biting match, but eventually took the win in 2, and then The Links stormed away with it with a strong player sequencing, winning the rest of their matches in 2 legs. Dave made sure to leave them with a little reminder of Wanderer magic, taking his game in 2 legs but The Links won overall 9 to 6.