BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 8

Premier League Round 8 Full Ladder

Scorpions 15 vs Peeping Toms 5 Match Stats

The five Scorpions piled up the wins and put themselves in second place on the ladder after We’re On ended Strays unbeaten run.

Glen won all 5 of his games with Brian (4 140s) and Scott (2 140s and a 107 peg) winning 4 times.  Bob had the best leg of the match with an 18 darter.

Three of the Toms picked up two wins on the night: Ross (2 140s) and Sam (1 140 and a 180) both won a doubles and a singles while Justin (3 140s) won two of his singles.

Dragoffs 11 vs Raptors 9 Match Stats

A cracker at Chermside which could really have ended in any of the three possible results.  With the match poised at 4-all Dragoffs pushed out to a 9-5 lead but it’s worth noting that the home side won 4 of those games in the deciding leg.  Even when they were on the brink the Raptors kept fighting, hauling themselves into contention at 10-8 down with the doubles to come.  Sadly the comeback fell short as Carlos (3 wins, 1 140) and Gabe (3 wins, 4 140s) stayed strong to grab the two league points that keeps them securely in 4th on the ladder.

The two remaining Dragoffs worthy of a mention with Blags winning 3 but Max best of the bunch with 4 wins and a massive seven 140s!

Once again Corey untouchable with 6 wins from 6, 3 140s, 2 180s and a 16 darter and Blades showing real Premier League class with 4 wins.  Nothing wrong with Dinga’s scoring as he fired in 3 140s and 2 180s.

We’re On 11 Vs Strays 9 Match Stats

We’re On ended Strays unbeaten start to the season with an 11-9 win at Mitchy FC.  As was the case earlier in the season the reigning minor premiers went out to a useful lead but this time they were able to close it out for the win that keeps them top of the table.

Aaron M threw good darts all night with 5 wins, 4 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter plus back to back 17 darters.  Horse fired in 8 140s and a 15 darter and Pas a 140 and a 15 darter with both men winning three times.

For Strays Frosty and Ciaran (7 140s, 16 darter) both won 4 times.  Dave, coming straight from the airport after a day working down in Melbourne, hit 3 140s, a 180 and low games of 18 and 17 darts before running out of steam.

Motley Mustangs 12 vs Imports 8 Match Stats

This result keeps things super tight in the lower half of the table with the bottom 4 teams separated by only a point.  With 6 weeks to go any one of them could make a push for finals contention but they will probably need to make a move soon.

Putting future events aside, this was a great win for the Motleys thanks in no small part to the efforts of Mick who won 5 from 5 and banged in 2 140s.  Willy also played a huge role with 4 wins from 5 and 2 140s.

Nev won 4 from 5 with 1 140 and Shane three times with 2 140s and the best finish of the night, a very tidy 122.

A GRADE Round 7 Full Ladder

Scorpions 18 vs Tossers 3 Match Stats

A big win for the B’s at home. John Ives showed his class with 3 wins, a 156, 18 darts and 16 dart games and 5 other ton up scores. Good darts for a Pom!!! All players seemed to strut their stuff on the night with Mr Hill winning 4 games, Shaun with a 160 and 3 wins, Grant determined as ever with 4 wins and 9 big scores, Tristan on song with 4 wins and 7 biggies and Joe helping out with 2 wins and 6 tons. An all-round sound team performance and will be hard to topple.

Poor old Tossers were put to the sword by a team on fire on the night. 23 Ton +’s by the team and highlighted by a win each to Patrick,9 big ones, Rob with 6 high scores and Daniel with 6 of the best.

Pinoy Darters 10 vs Nek Minit 11 Match Stats

Wow what a game of darts this must have been….the scorers and scribes were flat out by the looks of it. 81 tons or better from 2 evenly matched teams on the night.

For the Pinoy team Roger stood out again with 4 wins, a 180, an 18 dart leg and 15 other ton + scores. Great darts Roger. Other good games by Mel, 10 tons, Dom with 6 tons and 2 wins. A great first set of singles taking all 6 games but losing the second set by 5… oopsi….and then had to try and hold off a surge by Nek’s in the last set.

A game of two halves by Nek Minit saw a see-sawing affair in the first two singles rounds. A great fight back in the final singles just got it done. Daz had a 110 peg while Shaun pipped him with a 120 check out. Both top shots. All round a great team performance with 40 ton +s.  Mark & Danny with 8, Ben and Shaun with 7, Hilton and Daz with 5, while Ngawai was too busy keeping score it would appear!!!

Great round of darts by both teams.

Javelins 15 vs Dragons 6 Match Stats

Javelins jumped out of the blocks with 3-0 in the doubles and then 4 and 5 sets in the singles to seal the night. Peter continues to impress with 4 wins, a 180, and 7 other big scores. Tony chimed in with 3 singles wins while Luch and Brian had 2 wins each. A good solid match by the looks of it.

So it was the Paula and Connor show for the Dragons…. 6 ton +s and 2 wins for Paula while Connor smashed in 7 big scores and 3 x 2 nil singles wins. Mark had a 174 – well done, and Ben 3 big ones. Hard to overcome a solid team performance by the Jav’s though.

Gremlins 4 vs Seagulls 17  Match Stats

The gulls to strong tonight with a very sound win. 2 X 6-0 singles certainly put paid to any chance for the Gremlins. Standouts were Nigel with 11 ton+ scores and 4 wins, Christian with 8 x ton + scores and 4 wins, Gary had 3 wins and 7 biggies and Rudi chimed in with 8 ton + scores.

Gremlins were well off their best against a strong team here and did well not to lose by more. Steve had a night out with 8 tons but still couldn’t win a game…. Tough games. The newest member of the Gremlins, Garry seemed to fit in fairly well and will be an asset to the team in the future. Terry, in his only singles game of the night, had 4 tons and most importantly, defeated Anthony 2-0. Was a good night but for the result for the Gremlins.

Wildcats 9 vs Nemesis 12 Match Stats

Nemesis were down after the doubles but took 8 out of first 12 games of singles for a three game margin which they held until the end.  It was a solid team performance that got the job done from Nemesis but Ian (6 tons a 140) and Neil (3 tons) led the way with three wins apiece.  Two wins each for Ben (4 tons), Brendan (4 tons) and Alena.

For Wildcats Kylie again best of the lot with 4 wins and 4 tons with two wins for Nikki and Shaz, who hit 11 tons along the way.

B GRADE Round 7 Full Ladder

Cannons 7 v Wanderers 8 Match Stats

And the Wanderers finally come away with a win! Better late than never. This game was fought down to the last dart in the last game, with both teams at 7 v 7 and the last game went to 3 legs! There was a few nerves about! What a showstopper! Graham had a cracker night, 3 wins (both singles in 2) with a 140 and 2 tonnes. So did life member Snow, with his 3 wins and also both singles in 2. Lance and Gary had a solid night with 4 tonnes for the night, so the fight was on! The Wanderers came home with the goods thought and scoring the 2 points. Can they do it again?

The Links 8 v Jockeys 7 Match Stats 

B Grade was definitely the place to be for some firecracker matches this week! The Jockeys fronted up to The Links prepared to deprive them of the chance to extend their lead in first place. And boy was it close! The Links kept their number one place though in B Grade after this round, and still proving to be top contenders for final season! The Jockeys got off to a great start though taking the first 2 doubles games, and followed with another quick 3 wins in the second round. Newty had a killer night taking his doubles, and the following 2 singles – what a champion! And Thommo helped the Jockeys advance with 4 tonnes including a 140, and the all important 2 wins including the first game in the third round. However, after that The Links come out with a vengeance! 4 wins went to father and son Kruger, with Rupen and Ben to follow. Newty kept The Jockeys in the fight, but it would come down to the last game between Ben and Brewster. The Links were just too good on the night, taking the 2 points and retaining their premiership position. Come on B Grade? Who’s going to take the 2 points from these guys?