BNSDC – 2018 – Week 27

Premier League Season 2 Round 10 Full Ladder

Motley Mustangs 7 vs Bears 13 Match Stats

A good quality game this one, and Mustangs could have run Bears close if they’d have found the form that saw them win 3 of the last 4 singles earlier.  As it was the visitors already had the points in the bag when the horse’s tail wagged.

Steve top Mustang with 3 wins, 2 140s and a 180 with two wins each for Willy and Glen.  Impressive stuff from those two with Willy hitting a 151 checkout and a maximum with Glen throwing a 13 darter and 5 140s.

For Bears Azza was flying with 6 from 6, 3 140s, a 114 peg and an 18 darter while Horse won 5 times hitting 4 140s, a 117 peg and an 18 dater.

Strays 9 vs Peeping Toms 11 Match Stats

The Toms continue their upward progression with a hard fought win against the reigning Premiers.  This one was in the balance all the way up to 7-all when Toms made the vital move grabbing three of the last 4 singles get to the brink at 10-8.  The first singles went to Strays but the power pairing of Ross and Kingy were never really troubled in the final game which they claimed along with the 2 league points.

Kingy (1 140 and a 128 peg) was top Tom with 5 wins with 4 wins for Ross (4 scoring 140s and a 152 peg).  Sam (2 140s and a 180) chipped in 2 wins and Chris (2 140s) one victory in that vital 3-from-4 run at the end of the singles.

Banz (4 140s, a 17 dart leg) best for Strays with 4 wins from 5 with three wins apiece for Frosty and Dave.  Those two hit some real highs on the night with Jack throwing a 12 darter and hitting pegs of 100 and 112, with 6 140s and a 180 for good measure, and Dave 4 140s, 2 180s and a 16 darter.

Raptors 6 vs Scorpions 14 Match Stats

A top class outing from Scorpions which finished with a resounding 14-6 win on the back of taking all 4 doubles.

Dinga (2 wins) having a scoring night for the ages with 6 140s, 2 180s and a 17 darter with two wins also for Liam.  Corey and Brendan picked up the other 2 singles wins between them.

Not really much to choose between any Scorpions as it was one of those one-through-four performances that characterises the best teams.
Scotty: 5 wins, 6 140s, a 104 peg and low games of 16 & 18 darts
Heals: 5 wins, 1 140, 1 180, 121 peg and an 18 darter
Brian: 4 wins, 6 140s
BA: 4 wins, 3 140s, 2 180s

This win, combined with Strays loss, puts Scorpions equal top with only leg difference separating them from Strays.

Imports 3 vs Dragoffs 17 Match Stats

Imports were in this one at 6-2 down but it was Dragoffs who surged forward by taking 12 of the last 13 games.

Getting the wins for Imports were Jamil with 2 and 2 140s and Nev with one.

Identical performances from Max and Richard right down to legs conceded (1 singles, 1 doubles if you’re asking) with 6 wins and 3 140s.  Daemon won 5 times and Matty 4 in this one sided encounter.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 6

Scorpions 12 V Gremlins 9 Match Stats

A good win for the Scorpions tonight. Looks like the “b’s” took their foot off the gas after sewing it up after the 2nd singles games. None the less some good games. For the Scorpions, 4 wins for Grant (8 ton+), 3 wins for Tristian (7 ton+), 2 wins each for John (3 ton+), Joe (7 ton+), Shaun (3 tons).

For the Gremlins, 3 wins each for Mark (1 ton), Alex (7 ton+). 1 win each for Ian (5 ton+), Joe (4 ton+), Terry 3 ton+ and a 171). Garry was unlucky with 7 ton+ scores. Always a fun night with the Scorpions.

Cannons 5 V Seagulls 16 Match Stats

The Seagulls were definitely on song tonight. Despite their opposition being understrength (5 players), the gulls were committed from the get go, winning all 3 doubles, and then winning 9 of the next 12 games to put the match to bed. For the Gulls, 4 wins each for Gary (8 ton+, and an 18 dart leg), Dave (4 ton+), and Steve (7 ton+). 3 wins for Christian (11 ton+). Nigel with 2 wins and 12 ton+ scores.

The Cannons had Neil winning 3 games (6 ton+), while a win each for Jason (9 ton+), and Mike (4 ton+) contributed well. A hard task to play undermanned.

Javelins 11 V Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

Yet another cliff hanger this season in A Grade. For the Jav’s, 4 wins for Peter (9 ton+), 2 wins each for Tony (4 ton+), Bryan (10 ton+ and a 158 peg out), Max (5 ton+), Hugh (2 ton+). Keith (6 ton+0 and Luch (3 ton+) also contributed.

For Nek Minit, 3 wins to Shaun (6 ton+), Greg (2 ton+). 2 wins for Daz (4 ton+ and a 117 peg out). Mark threw 8 ton + scores along with Ben hitting 6 ton+. A tight result, which won’t be the last one this season.

Tossers 11 V Pinoy Darters 10 Match Stats

The second cliff hanger for the night… a really tight tussle decided in the 5th singles game. For the Tossers, 4 wins for Ash (8 ton+). 3 wins each for David (3 ton+ and a 171), Tony (8 ton+, a 180 and an 18 dart leg). 2 wins for Ben (8 ton+) and 1 win for Pat (7ton+). A good team performance.

For Pinoy, 3 wins each for Dom (4 ton+ and a 102 peg), Edgar (13 ton+ and a 15 dart leg). 2 wins for Roger (16 ton+ and a 180). Sam (7 ton+) and Mel (10 ton+) contributed a win each as well. Good competition.

Marvels – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 8 Full Ladder

Misfits v The Links Match Stats


  • No scoresheet received from The Links as of yet, results to be verified

Jockys 11 v Dragons 4 Match Stats

Number 2 versed number 6 on the ladder tonight. Unfortunately the Jockys were short a man so the Dragons had a good opportunity to take the sharp shooting Jockys down. It wasn’t to be though, the Jockys got off to an early lead and were up 6 v 4 by the end of the second round. In the last round, the Jockys won all games bar the game they forfeited for being a man short, but still ended up with a solid win 11 v 4. The Dragons didn’t go down without a fight though and great performances from Gila and Dave with their wins on the night and ton plus scores to Cathie, Alena, Dave and Gave. Newty in fine form as always with 6 ton plus scores and a hat trick to both himself and Pat. The Jockys are in great form at the moment – can they take The Links down in the coming round and maybe take them off the top spot?

Mustangs 9 v Wanderers 6 Match Stats

Well the Mustangs and Wanderers were level pegging going into this match and the victor would knock the other team down a peg in the table. The Mustangs came out the gates fighting and got to an early lead picking up 2 wins in the doubles rounds, but weren’t as fast in the second round to get a leg up. This let the Wanderers sneak by slightly and be up 5 v 4 by the end of the second round. The third round went the Mustang’s way with all but one game going their way to seal the victory for the night with a total win of 9 v 6. Great scoring performance by the teams on the night – 12 ton plus scores for the Mustangs, and 10 to the Wanderers. Great to see such fierce competition in the B Grade!