BNSDC – 2018 – Week 28

Premier League Season 2 Round 11 Full Ladder

Motley Mustangs 12 vs Raptors 8 Match Stats

Raptors only had 3 players for this one and managed to keep themselves in it until the doubles with the score at 10-8.  But in the end it was not to be and Mustangs closed it out to scoop the two points.

Corey won his 4 singles for the loss of just one leg hitting 3 140s a 180 and a 17 darter with Dinga winning three times and Brendan once.

Mustangs spread the wins around with Willy picking up 5, Mick 4 (including a 100 peg) and 3 each for Bruce and Glen, who hit a 180.

Peeping Toms 11 vs Imports 9 Match Stats

Nothing separated the two teams up to the halfway point but when the Toms pushed out to a 10-6 lead it looked bleak for the visitors.  They kept themselves in the hunt by taking the last two rounds of singles but Ross and Sam closed things out and kept Toms flying high in the table.

Ross and Sam did a magnificent job, each picking up 6 wins from 6 with the Frate Train smashing in 9 140s, a 105 peg and low games of 16 and 18 darts.

Imports had a couple of three-time winners in Nev (3 140s) and Shane (1 140) and a Jamil & Daral who won twice.

Bears 11 vs Dragoffs 9 Match Stats

These two teams were sat in 4th and 5th place on the ladder for this one and it could hardly have been closer although there were a few twists along the way.  At four all Dragoffs won two games to open a slight lead.  Bears closed the gap, and them some, by taking five from six to put themselves on the brink at 10-8.  Dragoffs kept the tie alive with the first game of doubles but Pas and Shaz held firm to take the last game in a last leg decider.

Not much to chose for the Bears with Pas and Azza winning 4 times each.  Pas hit 5 140s and a 100 peg while Azza hit 4 140s and a 180.  Three wins each for Horse (a 140 and a 120 peg) and Shaz.

Max continues to lead from the front with 4 wins and 7 140s with solid backup from Richard (4 140s and a 180) and Damo.

Scorpions 12 vs Strays 8 Match Stats

A top of the table clash which saw the Scorpions take home the spoils and the two points.

Four wins each from Bobby (7 140s, a 114, 18 darter), Scotty (3 140s, a 180) and Brian (5 140s, 2 180s, a 16 darter) with a pair of wins for BA (3 140s).

A huge effort from Dave with 5 wins, 3 140s and a 17 darter and excellent support from Ciaran who won 4 times hitting 3 140s and a 180.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 7

Marvels 3 vs Scorpions 18 Match Stats

It was 2-1 to Scorpions after the doubles but they powered ahead with singles rounds of 6, 5 and 5 to keep the pressure on at the top of the table.

Neal (5 tons) and Ness (2 tons) won their doubles while Donny (6 tons) and Ian (3 tons) picked up a singles circle each.

Unbeaten on the night were Grant (9 tons, 2 140s), Hilly (5 tons, 2 140s) and Tristan (5 tons, 1 140) with 3 wins each for Joe (9 tons) and Darryl (4 tons).

Javelins 7 vs Seagulls 14 Match Stats

Seagulls flew off to a 7-2 lead and were never threatened from that point on.

Bryan throwing well for his 3 wins from 3 with 6 ton+ scores while Pete won both of his singles without dropping a leg.

Great stuff from Gary (6 tons and a 140), Steve (5 tons and a 140) and Banger (5 tons and a 140) who went unbeaten with four from four.  Rudi hit 5 tons and Christian powered in 8 & a 140, both winning twice.  A final word for Gaz and Banger who threw a 14 dart doubles leg.

Tossers 11 vs Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

A Chermside cracker between two teams with finals aspirations.  Nek Minit started quickest by opening up a 4-0 lead but Tossers roared back to take the remaining first round singles games to open up a 5-4 lead.  When the home team took the next round of singles four games to two to extend their lead to 9-6 it looked bleak for NM but they definitely had other ideas and tied things up at 9-all with three to play.  In the end Daniel (3 singles wins, 5 tons, 1 140) and Benny (2 singles wins, 5 tons) got the circles that got Tossers over the line.

Ash (4 tons, a 140) and Mark (6 tons, 1 140) were the other two Tossers who picked up 2 singles wins.

Three wins each for Danny, who hit 8 tons, and Hilton who hit 5 and a 17 dart leg.  Shaun (7 tons) and Ben (2 tons) both won twice.

Gremlins 9 vs Pinoy Darters 12  Match Stats

This was looking like being decided by the narrow margin that the Pinoys held after the doubles games as they entered the final round of singles with an 8-7 lead.  Instead they took the next four games to games to get the win before Gremlins grabbed a couple of consolation circles.

Terry on song with four wins from four, 7 tons and a 106 peg.  There were two wins each for Steve (3 tons), Garry (2 tons) and Mark (1 ton) while Alex hit a 171.

For Pinoys Roger was rampant with four wins from four and 12 tons, two of which were 140s.  Three wins each for Mel (9 tons), Edgar (8 tons) and Dom (8 tons) on what was a very high scoring encounter.

Cannons – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 11 Full Ladder

 Dragons 3 vs Links 12 Match Stats

Well it was a tough gig for the Dragons tonight going up against the Number 1 team in the grade but they gave it a good crack, and the wins they did take were 2-0 wins! Good on you ladies – Alena and Gila had 2 zip wins on the night. The Links had a blitzer – must be something in the water out that way. Everyone in the team contributed to the wins and 20 ton plus scores between them and a 18 darter to Nicky! Well done to both sides.

Jockeys 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

What a ton fest at the G!!! Both teams had a scorcher with 20 ton plus scores to the Jockys and 25 to the Mustangs including a ripper 180 to Moggy! Unreal performances to Moggy and Richo with 7 ton plus scores, Lindsay with 5, Newty with 4, and 3 to Pat, Peter and Thommo. Couple of hat tricks on the night to Moggy and Matt and with over 25 tons the Mustangs were fierce! The Mustangs got off to a strong start – 2 doubles wins followed up by 4 singles wins in round 2. The Jockys were 1 doubles win and 2 singles wins by round 2 finish so they had some work to put in to take down the Mustangs. Round 3 went back and forth in wins, and it was a tight game but in the end it went to the Mustangs. Well done lads.

Wanderers 8 v Misfits 7 Match Stats

On the other side of the G it was another solid scoring night as well – did someone spike the XXXX downstairs??? The Misfits kicked off early with 2 doubles wins but the Wanderers took an early lead with a double win, and 5/6 wins in the first single round. The Misfits really put the pressure on in the last round of singles though – it could’ve gone either way and it wasn’t until the last games of the evening that the Wanderers took the win. Hat tricks on the night went to Christian, Lance and Leo. There were 2 beautiful ton pegs to Chris and Lance as well! And overall 10 ton plus scores to the Wanderers and 17 to the Misfits. Look out – B Grade has really lifted the competition!!!