BNSDC – 2018 – Week 29

Premier League Season 2 Round 12 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 13 vs Bears 7 Match Stats

The Toms are definitely showing themselves as the real deal with a win against perennial table toppers The Bears.  This win puts them in joint second place on the ladder with more than half the season played.  Toms were excellent value in this one, making a big move by going from 5-3 to 9-3 in the middle of the match.  Bears kept going but they couldn’t get any closer to the Toms than 6 back.

All Toms made big contributions with Ross winning 5 times hitting 6 140s, a 180 and a 16 darter, Kingy 4 times with 6 140s and a 130 peg, and three times each for Sam (3 140s and a 15 darter) and Chris.

Horse (5 140s, 116 peg and an 18 darter) and Azza (2 140s and a 17 darter) won 4 times each and Shaz hit a 180.

Motley Mustangs 3 vs Scorpions 17  Match Stats

Mustangs got off to a 3-0 lead before Scorpions got on one of the all-time rolls by taking the next 17 games.

Steve picked up a singles win and a doubles win with Bruce with Mick (1 180) and Glen (1 140) taking the other doubles circle.

All Scorpions had a great night:
Heals – 5 wins, 3 140s, two 100 pegs and an 18 darter
Glen – 5 wins, 2 140s
BA – 5 wins, 1 140, 1 180, a 17 darter
Brian – 4 wins, 2 140s and a 180

Strays 14 vs Dragoffs 6 Match Stats

Strays went out to a 4-0 lead and never really looked back, taking the two league points with 4 games to spare.

For the visitors Richard won 3 from 4 singles with a 100 peg and a 17 darter with Max winning twice with 3 140s and a 110 peg.

Five wins each for Dave and Frosty, who combined to throw a 15 dart leg of 601 doubles.  Dave hit 8 scoring 140s, a 140 peg and an 18 darter while Jack hit 2 140s and a 180.  Four wins apiece for Ciaran and Banz with both men hitting 3 140s.

Raptors 12 vs Imports 8 Match Stats

Raptors had two Premier League debutantes grabbed the two league points with a solid win that over the Imports.  It started close but the home team moved from being level at two each to a 6-4 lead at the half way stage and just took it from there.

Imports spread the wins around their 5 man team with Nev picking up 3 and Jamil, Daral and James two each.  James in particular had his scoring boots on with 5 140s and a 180.

Dave made the step up from the Dragons side with aplomb taking 5 wins from 6 including all four of his singles.  There were four wins each for Raptors Dinga (1 140s) and Brendan who hit 2 140s and an 18 darter.  Peter won once and hit a 140 along the way.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 8

Scorpions 18 vs Cannons 3 Match Stats

This one was a bit of a slugfest with 59 tons being thrown on the night.  It looked like Cannons might be stay in the contest after a tight doubles round but Scorpions ended up running away with it.

For Cannons Tom (3 tons) won a singles and a doubles with Jason (4 tons) with Mike picking up the other circle and hitting 6 tons and a 140.

Tristan (8 tons) and Grant (2 tons and a 180) went undefeated while their remaining four teammates won 3 times with Hilly the pick thanks to his 9 tons.

Javelins 16 vs Tossers 5 Match Stats

The middle of the ladder played off tonight to see who would get the upper edge and land on top. The Javelins got off to a cracking start taking all of the doubles wins and 3 timely singles wins. The Tossers didn’t take the Javelins early lead lying down though. The stepped up and put 3 wins in the kitty to keep them in the game, as well as some cracking scoring – Ash with 9 ton plus scores and 8 from Dan. At that point the Javelins got stuck into it and ended the last 2 rounds with 5 wins a round, sealing the night and the coveted 2 points that would see them go up another rung on the ladder. Some sharp shooting from the Javelins as well with a number of ton plus scores – Keith (7), Peter (6), and Max (5).

Nek Minit 14 vs Gremlins 7 Match Stats

Strong stuff from NM, powering past the Gremlins in a match that they led from start to finish despite a huge effort from Terry with four wins from four and 4 big tons, 2 of them 140s.  Garry next best Gremlin with one singles and one doubles win and 4 tons.

Nek Minit did the business by getting multiple circles all through their 7 player lineup.  Shaun (2 tons, 2 140s) and Ben (2 tons) topping the wins column with three each and Hilton pick of the two game winners on the back of his 6 ton plus scores including a 104 peg.  Mark won twice and hit two tons, a 140 and a 180.

Pinoy Darters 17 vs Marvels 4 Match Stats

The Pinoys got off to a cracking start on this match. A quick 2 doubles wins and 5 singles wins in the second round was a solid start to the night and put The Marvels under pressure. They kicked off with Ian and Neal taking their double win, and Ben following up with a singles win but there was some serious work to do to stay in the game. Ian and Ben continued to take on a couple of more wins but the Pinoys were too strong. 5 wins in the 3rd round, followed by another 5 in the 4th and the Pinoys took the win. Shout outs to some sharp shooters on the night with ton plus scores – Roger (12), Ian (10), Mel (9), Ben (7), Neal (7), Dom (7) and Edgar (6). Roger also had a neat 18 AND 16 darter! Way to go!

Seagulls – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 12 Full Ladder

 Dragons 3 vs Misfits 12 Match Stats

This season is proving to be a tough one for the Dragons, unfortunately going down to the Misfits 12 to 3 this game. A win tonight would see he sharp shooting Misfits secure equal second spot on the ladder with the Jockys. The Misfits started strong with 3 doubles wins in the first round, followed by 5 wins in the first singles round. Gav secured the Dragon’s first win for the night, and followed that by another win in the last round. Alena helped put the last win up for the Dragons, giving a total of 3 wins for the night. Great night for Jen with a solid 5 ton plus scores! The Misfits had a great scoring night on on plus scores – Leo with 5, Mike and Dylan with 3 a piece. Better luck next time Dragons!

The Links 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

The Mustangs were keen to see if they could take top dogs The Links off top spot tonight. Richo came with his pro arm geared and ready – a total of 7 ton plus scores on the night just to show he wasn’t messing around! The Mustangs got off to a decent start, a doubles win, and 2 wins in the second round, but they really needed to shine in the last round to bring home the bacon. The Links started strong and were up 6 v 3 by the third round so they only needed 2 more to seal the deal. It all came down to the last 2 games of the night – which went The Links’ way. Great scoring by The Links as well – 5 ton plus scores to Nicky and 6 to Yash. Who’s going to take The Links off their perch?! Anyone?

Wanderers 4 v Jockys 11 Match Stats

The Jockys has a blitzer of a game against the Wanderers tonight proving why they are holding equal second place on the ladder at the moment. The Wanderers secured 4 solid wins on the night – Dave (first leg leg of 95) and Lance (second leg peg of 91) in the doubles, and singles to Snow, Dave and Lance. Hat tricks went to Pat, Thommo and Pete – well done lads! Newty and Thommo scored a neat 4 ton plus scores, including a 108 peg for Newty. Pat was hero of the night with a one hundred and eiggggghhhhttty. Great game tonight – congrats to the Jockys.