BNSDC – 2018 – Week 29

Premier League Season 2 Round 11 Full Ladder

Raptors 8 vs Peeping Toms 12 Match Stats

Nothing could split these two teams in the singles section with both sides picking up 8 each meaning that doubles were the key here.  Toms picked up all 4 despite three of them going to deciders making this the difference between the two teams.  And it looks as if the margins were fine in this one with lots of quality on display with both sides hitting plenty of 140+ scores and no less than 7 low games thrown.

It was business as usual for Ross with 5 wins, 3 140s, a 101 peg and low games of 18 & 17 darts with Sam continuing to be a force with 5 wins also.  Four vital wins for Kingy who hit 2 140s, 2 180s and a sparkling 13 darter.  Blades let the way for Raptors with 3 wins, a 180 and two 17 darters and some glorious darts from Corey who won 2 singles and hit 4 140s, two 116 pegs and low games of 18 & 12, which equals this years best across all competitions.

Dragoffs 7 vs Motley Mustangs 13 Match Stats

Mustangs got an early 3-1 lead and just took it didn’t let Dragoffs get any closer than that.

Steve on song with 5 wins and 2 140s with Willy winning 4 times and Bruce three.  Richard best for the home team with three wins with everyone else picking up two, includin Nick on his BNSDC debut.

Bears 7 vs Scorpions 13 Match Stats

Two teams in finals spots battled it out at The Brook but it out and it was Scorpions who grabbed the two points that keep them at the top of the table.  Bears are still looking good in 4th spot but with 8 games left to play there are enough points on offer if one of the bottom half teams goes on a good run.

Three Scorpions won 4 times with the pick being Heals who hit 5 140s, a 180, a 107 peg and an 18 darter.  The other two were Brian (2 140s plus 16 and 18 darters) and Scotty (2 140s) while BA won 3 times with 3 140s and a 107 peg of his own.

Another cracking night from Azza with 5 wins, 3 140s and a 180 with Horse winning 3 times with three 140s, a 180 and a 115 peg.

Strays 19 vs Imports 1 Match Stats

Strays set the tone for this one by taking the first game of doubles by clearing up 372 points in 8 darts with visits of 140, 180 and 52 in two darts.  All four threw consistently well all night and hit 19 140s, 3 180s, a high peg and 4 low games along the way.

Six from six for Dave (5 140s, 2 180s, a 116 peg and low games of 17 & 18 darts), Ciaran (4 140s and a 16 darter) and Banz (5 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter) with Frosty (5 140s) winning 5 times.

Shane picked up the win for Imports and hit a 140 and a 180 with Daz hitting a 140 as well.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 8 Full Ladder

Tossers 7 vs Seagulls 14 Match Stats

There’s a lot of quality in A Grade at the moment ant plenty was on show at Chermside as these two teams hit over 90 ton plus scores between them.  In the end the high flying Gulls were too strong running out 14-7 winners.

Two names stand out for Tossers. Ash was excellent and won all of his games and hit 4 tons and 4 ton-forties while Blags hit a 100 peg, 7 scoring tons, 2 140s, a 171 while picking up a win.

Gary (8 tons, 2 140s) and Steve (7 tons, a 140 and a 134) won 4 from 4 with Gaz especially dominant not dropping a leg all night.  Three wins and 12 ton plus scores for Rudi with Christian being the other double-digit ton man with 10 and pegs of 79 and 84.

Gremlins 11 vs Javelins 10 Match Stats

As tight as it gets at Wantima with Gremlins overcoming a doubles deficit by winning 4 from 6 in the middle round of singles.  This left it poised at 8-7 and, with both teams splitting a game each from the two boards, this lead was turned into a win when Terry hit the winning double.

None better than Terry with 4 wins hitting 6 tons and a 180.  Three wins each for Jack (6 tons and a 140) and Garry (5 tons and a 140).  Joe (3 tons) and Steve (4 tons) also picked up a vital win each.

Four of the Javs picked up a doubles and 2 singles wins.  Bryan gets the nod with 10 tons, one a 140, with Peter (6 tons and a 140), Luch (5 tons) and Max (3 tons) rounding out the mentions.

Marvels 8 vs Nek Minit 13 Match Stats

It’s never easy when you’re a player down and that was the case for Marvels here against Nek Minit.  This win puts NM in 4th spot on the ladder but this season’s A Grade is the closest it’s ever been with only a couple of wins separating 4th from 8th.For NM Hilton (7 tons, 1 140) and Daz (5 tons, 1 140) both went unbeaten with Mark winning three times  with 4 tons and 2 140s.  Corey topped the Marvels list with three wins and 2 ton plus scores with Nikki (2 tons) and Neal (7 tons, 1 140).

Cannons 5 vs Pinoy Darters 16Match Stats

Cannons caught PD on a good day and found them too much to handle.

A pair of Pinoys went undefeated in four with Edgar in top form with 10 tons, 4 of them 140s and Mel throwing well also with 4 scoring tons and a 118 peg.  Roger won all three of his singles and powered in a monstrous 18 tons.

Two singles wins for Jason and a very tidy 7 tons, including a 140, and a doubles and a singles win for Mike (8 tons) and Allan (2 tons).

Seagulls – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 12 Full Ladder

Misfits 9 vs Jockys 6 Match Stats

With both of these teams sitting 16 points and equal 2nd place on the ladder, this match was going to be the place splitter. True to the form of both teams this was game was a solid fight. Both sides had a cracking start to the night – Mike with a cool 171 and Newty with a 180. Clearly both sides meant business. By the end of the singles round the Misfits were up just barely at 5 v 4. They dug deep and took the first 2 wins in the last round and only needed one more game to seal the win. The Jockys didn’t let them have it just yet with a timely win from Newty. Unfortunately for the Jockys, the Misfits stepped up to the oche and took another two wins to get them what they needed. Stellar performances from both sides though – 5 ton plus scores to Newty, Peter, and Leo. Dylan scored a nifty 4, and 3 a piece to Mike and Matt. The Misfits win sees them seal second place for this week. Still plenty of time to see changes in the ladder though!
*Awaiting one scoresheet to confirm results

Mustangs 9 vs Dragons 6  Match Stats

Well the Mustangs came into this match eager to continue their march up the B Grade ladder tonight, and Dragons were keen not to let them get the 2! The Dragons Captain Gav was surrounded by the ladies tonight and boy did they leave their mark. Jen came out swinging with a neat 2 140s and 3 ton plus scores, and Alena backed it up with 3 of her own. Not to mention the wins from Gila, Cathie, Jen and Pauline! Gav also snuck a win also (on ya Gav!) but shout out to the ladies of the Dragons for putting the Mustangs on the back foot. Not to be outdone, the opposition certainly played their best darts, evidenced by a smart 6 ton plus scores to Richo, along with a hat trick to himself and Moggy. Great fight from the Dragons but on this night the 2 points went to the Mustangs. Well played by both teams!

Wanderers 6 v The Links 9 Match Stats

The 9 v 6 theme continued in the B Grade tonight in the third game played. Number 1 matched Number 5  tonight and a solid fight ensued. Hat tricks and tons were the name of the game tonight. Lance and Pieter both scored hat tricks for the night, and sharp shooters were Yash and Pieter on 5 ton plus scores, Nicky on 4 and Christian on 3. The Wanderers got off to a great start with 2 doubles wins, thanks to doubles partners Tim/Carol and Christian/Lance. The Links were quick to snatch back the lead though with 4 wins in the singles round and suddenly The Links were up 5 v 4 going into the last round. It went back and forth – a win to Yash, a win to Lance, a win to Nicky, a win to Dave. The Links only needed one more to take the overall win and it came down to the last games of the night. The Wanderers put up one of their best fights yet but it was The Links’ night tonight and they sealed their win 9 v 6. Their win puts them only 2 points ahead of the Misfits within easy target range. The Wanderers stay at a steady number 5 however only 2 points behind the Mustangs. As the intensity of these games continue its likely no position on the ladder is safe!