BNSDC – 2018 – Week 30

Premier League Season 2 Round 14 Full Ladder

Dragoffs 2 vs Scorpions 18 Match Stats

This one was not quite as one-sided as the scoreline suggests given that the home team were edged out in ten games that went to a deciding leg.

For Dragoffs Richard (3 140s and a 180) won a singles and a doubles with Nick.  It was six from six for Brian who hit 2 140s, a 180 and a 134 peg.  Five wins each for Heals (4 140s and a an 18 darter), BA (a 140 and a 120 peg) and Scotty who hit a scoring 160 to leave himself double 10.

Strays 14 vs Raptors 6 Match Stats

Raptors always put up a good fight and Strays had to make the most of their chances to get home in this one.

Corey led from the front with a doubles and 3 singles wins and the usual assortment of notables: 4 140s, a 171, a 180, a 120, an 18 darter and a 15 darter.  Blades (1 140), Dinga (2 140s) and Liam (5 140+) all picked a win each.

Unbeaten nights from Ciaran (2 doubles & 3 singles wins, 2 140s, a 17 darter) and Frosty (4 singles wins) with Banz (3 140s) winning 4 times and Dave (5 140s, a 100 peg) winning three.

Peeping Toms 15 vs Motley Mustangs 5 Match Stats

The Toms keep the pressure on at the top with a vital win against Mustangs.

Kingy best of the lot with 5 wins, including all his singles, with 4 140s and a 15 darter in there.  All the other Toms won 4 times: Ross hit 3 140s, 2 180s and an 18 darter, Chris 1 140 and Sam a 110 peg.

For the horse Willy bagged 3 wins and 4 140s with Steve next best with 2 wins.  Mick and Bruce proved how dangerous they can be with 136 and 110 pegs respectively.

Bears 13 vs Imports 7 Match Stats

This Bears win opens up a 7 point gap between them and Mustangs in 5th with the final third of the season approaching.  Plenty of games going to a decider in this one which added to the excitement on the night.

Three wins each for Jamie (3 140s and a 17 darter) and Shane (5 140s) with two singles wins for Jamil.  Pas was this week’s Grizzly with 5 wins, 3 140s, a 158 peg and an 18 darter.  Four wins each for Horse (2 140s, 2 180s) and Azza (2 140s) with Shaz (2 140s) picking up two wins as well.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 9 Full Ladder

Scorpions 15 vs Nek Minit 6 Match Stats

Nek Minit were excited to ruffle some Scorpion feathers tonight! They came in quick with 2 doubles wins to get the early lead, thanks to the Toto and Murphy duos. Shaun followed up with another win in the first singles round to put 3 up on the board Nek Minit. The Scorpions, not to be outdone, quickly regained their momentum and stormed back with 5 wins in the first round of singles, and 5 wins in the next. They weren’t mucking around! Nek Minit made sure to take a couple more wins off the Scorpions, with Shaun having a blitzer of a night with 4 wins and 5 ton plus scores. Solid performances from the rest of the team as well – 6 ton plus scores to Danny, 5 to Daz, 4 to Ngawai and 3 to Mark. On the Scorpion side, John Hill had a stellar night – 4 wins and 7 ton plus scores. Big scores also went the way of Joe (7), Tristan (7), Mick (7), Darryl (4) and Cameron (3). Great win by the Scorpions, and their 2 points see them closest to knocking the Seagulls off their perch at number 1. Nek Minit hold steady at joint 5th spot with the Gremlins.
* Awaiting Scorpions score sheet to verify results

Cannons 6 vs Tossers 15 Match Stats

The Tossers came into this match keen to continue their march up the ladder, and the Cannons were eager to not let them part with the 2 points without a fight. Exceptional sharp shooting tonight on both sides! The score doesn’t show how hard the Cannons fought to keep in this match and on this occasion the Tossers were too strong. The Tossers got off to a solid lead, not letting the Cannons have an inch as they took the 3 doubles wins, and first 6 wins in the singles round. The Cannons eagerly brought out their big guns and took 3 timely wins in the 3rd round, and another 3 in the last round, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The Tossers got the wins they needed in the last rounds to secure their 15 v 6 win. Big shout out to the consistent high scoring. Ton plus scores went to Ash (9), Mike (6), Neil, Tom, Jason, Alan and Daniel (5) and a smashing 8 to Blags and 2 x 18 darters!
* Awaiting Tossers score sheet to verify results

Gremlins 11 vs Marvels 10 Match Stats

What a nail biting finish for these two teams! The Gremlins got off to a great start with 2 doubles wins, and another 3 in the singles round to see them just in front 5 v 4 against the Marvels. The Marvels had 3 timely wins in the second round, and it was neck and neck. The Gremlins fought back taking another 4 wins, the Marvels only securing 2 in that round and the gap grew going into the last round with the Gremlins up 9 v 6. The Marvels fought back hard in this last round, taking 4 solid wins, but the Gremlins just snuck in front with their 2 wins putting them in front with a close finish at 11 v 10. Shout outs to Gary, Peter, Mark, and Ben all with a hat trick on the night. Some sharp shooters on the night too with great performances in ton plus scores – Niki (8), Neal (7), Terry (6) and Gary (6). The Gremlins took the 2 which sees them level 5th position with Nek Minit on the ladder and only two wins shy off the top 3. Go Gremlins!
Seagulls 14 vs Pinoy Darters 7 Match Stats
What was sure to be a fierce match, the Seagulls met the Pinoys, 2 teams at the top of the ladder. Naturally it was a ton fest! The Seagulls had a blitzer – ton plus scores were a plenty with 11 to Nigel, 10 to Rudi and Gary, and 9 to Steve just to start. Everyone in the team contributed to a fierce night of competition. The Pinoys showed up with their best darts also, Mel hit a nice 9 ton plus scores on his own. The Seagulls got off to an early lead, up 7 games by the end of the second round, and up 10 by the third, only needing one more game in the last round to seal their 2 points. The Pinoys did their best, Mel took 3 wins, Edgar and Dom had 2, and Luke capped off the last round with his win. But it wasn’t enough on this occasion, Seagulls taking the 2 points and securing their place at the top of the A Grade ladder, with the Scorpions in hot pursuit.

Javelins – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 13 Full Ladder

The Links 9 vs Jockys 6 Match Stats

The Links hosted the Jockys tonight, with the Jockys keen to see if they could take 2 off of the top dogs. Strong scoring night on both sides with 13 ton plus scores to The Links, and 9 to the Jockys – shout out to Nicky, Yash, and Josh who all took 3 on the night. The Links got off to an early lead which was hard for the Jockys to pull back from. The Links went into the 3rd round up 7 v 2, but the Jockys gave everything they had in the last round but needed to take every win to claim the victory. They got off to a cracker start with the first 4 wins going their way – Josh, Matt, Peter and Clive. The Links only needed one more though, and they got it in game 5. Great fight back from the Jockys but unfortunately just shy off the win.

Mustangs 6 vs Misfits 9  Match Stats

It was another ton fest tonight for these 2 teams! Awesome performance from the Misfits with a classy 18 ton plus scores – Mike with 7, Leo, Dylan, Luke and Phil all with 3, and 2 for Dylan. On the Mustangs side, Moggy lead his team well with 6 ton plus scores of his own, 5 to Lindsay, and 2 for Ian. Bit of sharp shooting here! It was the Mustangs who got off to a quick lead with 2 doubles wins, setting them into the game nicely, but in the second round The Misfits really put on a show. 5 of 6 games went their way, and before we knew it the tables had reversed. The Mustangs fought back, taking the first 2 wins of the 3rd round, closing the narrow lead the Misfits had at 6 v 5. The Mustangs took another timely win but the Misfits also took the 2 that they needed to get across the line. Great game by both teams and strongly fought, but the 2 goes to the Misfits tonight, which sees them holding #2 spot on the ladder,  and only 1 win away from being level with The Links.

Wanderers 5 v Dragons 10 Match Stats

The Dragons got one!!!! Congrats to the Dragons for taking their first win of the season tonight against the Wanderers. The Dragons got off to a good start, with 2 doubles wins, and 4 singles in the next round. The Wanderers answered back with a double win, and 2 singles win to put the scores at 6 v 3 in favour of the Dragons going into the last round. The Dragons got the wins they needed in the first 2 games, sealing the deal on their first 2 points of the season! The Wanderers did what they could though, Snow leading strong as captain with 2 wins of his own, Carol with her 2, and wins a piece to Tim and Christian. Hat tricks of the night went to Gav and Jen – outstanding work guys!!! The Wanderers hold steady though at 8 round points overall, sitting in just behind the Mustangs on the ladder.