BNSDC – 2018 – Week 32

Premier League Season 2 Round 16 Full Ladder

Bears 5 vs Raptors 15 Match Stats

This upset defeat of fourth place Bears keeps the gap to Mustangs in fifth at 5 points, making next week’s game between these two teams even more interesting.  For Bears there were three wins for Azza (3 140s), two for Pas (2 140s and a 118 peg) and one for Kylie, who hit a maximum.  Not much to pick between the top 3 Raptors with five wins each for Corey (6 140s, 1 180), Blades (1 140s and a 180) and Dinga (2 140s) with three wins for Brendan.

Strays 15 vs Motley Mustangs 5 Match Stats

Strays keep the pressure on at the top with a solid win over Mustangs at Chermside.

Dave perfect again with 6 wins, throwing 3 140s and three low games (16, 17 x 2 darts) and Frosty winning 5 times with 3 140s and low games of 15 and 17 darts.  Four wins each for Ciaran (3 140s) and Banz (5 140s).  Stevie top Mustang with 2 singles wins and the unusual feat of maximums on both 20s and 19s.  One singles win each for Willy (1 140), Michael (3 140s) and, Glen (3 140s) who had two sparkling 18 darters.

Dragoffs 6 vs Peeping Toms 14 Match Stats

This Toms win meant there was no change at the top of the table with one win separating first from second and second from third.

Max from Dragoffs continues to shine with 4 wins and 3 140s with Matt next best for the home team with two wins.  But the big performances of the night came from the other side of the scoresheet: Ross with 6 wins, two 140s, pegs of 108, 101 & 100 and an 18 darter; Kingy with 5 wins, three 140s, two 180s, a 139 peg and an 18 darter; and Sam with 3 wins, a 140, a 130 peg and a 16 darter.

Imports 5 vs Scorpions 15  Match Stats

Scorpions too strong for Imports with Scotty especially ruthless with 6 wins from 6.  Brian (4 140s) picked up five wins and Heals four with 6 140s, a 104 peg and low games of 15 & 17 darts.  Finally BA (2 140s, a 180) chipped in with 3 wins and he and Pat combining for a 16 dart leg of 601 doubles.  A good effort from Shane, who picked up 3 wins and hit a 180 with James winning twice.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 10 Full Ladder

Scorpions B vs The Marvels  Match Stats

The Scorpions continue their form and were runaway winners in their game against the Marvels. It was an all round win for the Scorps but with the contribution of Grant, Tristian and Darryl taking four win on the night made it a difficult task for the Marvels to catch up. On the other side Ben picked up three singles win and unlucky to lose his doubles game. Next week it will be a local derby for the Marvels against top of the leader board.

Javelins vs Seagulls Match Stats

The Seagulls have continued their dominance of A Grade with another convincing win over Javelins. The game saw Seagulls take control of the match with the entire team contributing. Most notable was Nigel registering a good game finishing in 18 darts and not dropping a singles leg. Pete for the Jav’s was able to pick a win and three x 140’s. A tough night for the Javs.

Nek Minit vs Tossers Match Stats

Another great night of darts with two teams ready to battle it out. Nek Minit started of well but was unable to sustain this with only picking up one win in round three. Ben was able to back up his 180 from last week with another one.  Impressive also were high finishes from Connor’s (108) and Tony (115). Well done to Tosser for picking up crucial two points.

Gremlins vs Pinoy Darters Match Stats

This was one competitive game where it had some thrilling matches and surprising results where in the last round Gremlins were able to clinch the win and take the two points. Joe was solid picking up four wins for the night for Gremlins. For Pinoy, Mel who is consistent each week won his singles in straight sets and Edgar also banged at 180.

Cannons – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 15 Full Ladder

Mustangs 9 vs Jockys 6 Match Stats

What a ton fest this was! Both teams came out firing on all cyclinders with a stunning 25 ton plus scores to the Mustangs, and 20 to the Jockys. Every team member got on the board! Great performances by Richo (7), Moggy (7), Lindsay (5), Newty (4). The Mustangs got off to an early lead and kept the momentum all the way through ending up with 9 wins v 6 to the Jockys. It was a tough fight by both sides but the Mustangs walked away with the win and still holding steady at 4th on the ladder. The Jockys have kept their place at 3rd and keeping a keen eye on the Misfits who are just ahead of them.

Dragons 4 vs The Links 11  Match Stats

The Links are on their home stretch for the minor premiership at the moment, and only in top spot by 2 wins with the Misfits hot on their tails. The Links got off to a great start with 3 doubles wins, and quickly backed it up with 4 wins in the singles. The Dragons took 2 timely wins in the second round, thanks to Gav and Dav which helped them keep their foot in the game. The Links only needed one more though to seal the victory, and by early in the last round they took the win. Great night on the ton plus scores to Dave (7), and Nicky (6).

Misfits 12 v Wanderers 3 Match Stats

It was a tough night for the Wanderers tonight! The Misfits had a convincing win tonight, and walked away with the 2 points to keep the in solid 2nd position on the ladder. They got off to a cracking start – 3 doubles wins, 3 singles wins, and then took all of the lollies in the last round. Of the wins the Wanderers did take, they were convincing 2-0 wins, thanks to Snow, Carol and Lance. Great shooting from Chris on the night with 8 ton plus scores, and Mike with 5. Better luck next time Wanderers!